game/video streaming question, boosts welcome 

so, a thing we've been doing is streaming to a local self hostud RTMP server with no microphone, then also twitch with microphone, so our friends can watch alongside us and co-commentate. the latency is pretty rough on this, however.

does anyone have either, suggestions for things other than discord to use that are low latency for very small audiences (but do not worry about the technical aspect of setup - if we can use linux and provide a high quality one way webcam and microphone feed, we can hack it). our strongest consideration is jitsi but we've had... mixed results

or ways to improve the latency of our rtmp streams/settings other ppl can drop into VLC to view with lower latency, as relevant (this solution is more tenuous due to the bandwidth issues if more than a very few ppl watch tbh)

re: game/video streaming question, boosts welcome 

@fidgetcetera I'd probably look into settings for codecs: a lot of delay is typically introduced by codecs trying to do a good job, but having a large window. I know Opus has some settings for low-latency encoding, for example.

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