hey, southern fried queer pride just sent out an email and put up a gofundme for creating a Black queer owned community space
this'll be in Atlanta, as SFQP is mostly based in Atlanta with some stuff also in Durham NC.

fuck yeah! the fundraiser for a Black queer owned community space in Atlanta by Southern Fried Queer Pride hit the halfway mark when including donations not through gofundme!!

copying from their post when they hit $16k in one day, here's the links, including some not through gofundme!!

Continue to donate here:
Or via Cash App: $sfqpatl⁠
Or via Venmo: @ tayloralxndr⁠
Or via PayPal: http.//⁠
Yes, all donations are tax deductible.

between all platforms, southern fried queer pride reached their goal and surpassed it, reaching $66,000 to fund a Black queer owned community space!
the space is guaranteed to be funded, but they've raised the goal to $100k for more resources to guarantee more accessibility and such!
Cash App: $sfqpatl
Venmo: @tayloralxndr

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