request for income help 

hi, we're on a new account!

if you're not aware already, we're disabled and not able to get benefits, but not really able to work. essentially, the only income we get comes from people, mainly here online.

we're lucky enough to live with people who cover our rent and utilities, so mostly we worry about paying the internet bill, but rent still is more worrying when 2 roommates are still forced to work (not from home, they're working retail and hotel stuff) with kinda a looming threat of "what if their jobs just Stop and they don't get pay"

regularly periodic stuff through things like patreon is really helpful for predictability, but any support we can get is helpful. thanks y'all!

if you'd like to help:$Fidgetcetera

please only send us money you have, okay?

@TransCrowdFund @DisabilityCrowdFund

@fidgetcetera (just to confirm: boosts for the "request for income help" post? - 🐲 🐦 )

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