(don't boost) some Weld boundaries, on boosting, ableism, and content warning requests 

1. we post by-default privately. if the boost button is available to you, and we didn't say "don't boost" (like in this post), you can boost it.

2. we appreciate content warning requests. to put it up front, we will not cw our use of our own reclaimed slurs (like, saying we're cute cripple queers), or our chronic pain or other fundamental things to us like it. that said, you're welcome to tell us if something we post/boost could use a CW, or if our CW could be more specific. we try to take these in based on what our mutuals boost and such onto our feed.

3. please don't say ableist shit on our feed! if you're criticizing ableism, we'd prefer you cw it. if it's internalized stuff, we understand. especially things like
"lame" and "cripple"
references to intelligence or brain size
this list is not comprehensive, but you can check:

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