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money stuff, request for help as usual

posting again - as always, we're disabled and do stuff online. if you wanna help out with things like:

  • us giving our cat cute toys and stuff
  • us getting things from our wishlist
  • us getting groceries
  • us getting things not on our wishlist
  • us ordering delivery food when we can't cook
  • the potential for insurance to get fucky about a new wheelchair

then please feel free to click the link above which contains our cashapp, patreon, paypal, etc, and the aforementioned wishlist.

we're not presently in any emergency and we'll be okay, so support yourself and others first, but we do seriously always appreciate what we get.

thanks yall!!!

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couple of things we make, commission offers, etc 

our music:
it's public domain and free to use. if you like it, we'd love if you'd pay what you can (and seriously, only that much) at

we don't recommend our bandcamp, just use our netlabel's page πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ–€πŸ’š
we have not taken commissions for our music but we... could?

our glitch art:
we do take commissions, starting at $30 for existing images and $45 for pieces done from scratch

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contacting us: 

please do it!
we have a list on our website, sorted in order of priority (except email's at the top because near-everyone has it), at

we prefer to have people we can talk to on other platforms outside of a microblog sort of thing, and you're welcome to bring up things we talked about here for a more in depth discussion.

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(don't boost) some Weld boundaries, on boosting, ableism, and content warning requests 

1. we post by-default privately. if the boost button is available to you, and we didn't say "don't boost" (like in this post), you can boost it.

2. we appreciate content warning requests. to put it up front, we will not cw our use of our own reclaimed slurs (like, saying we're cute cripple queers), or our chronic pain or other fundamental things to us like it. that said, you're welcome to tell us if something we post/boost could use a CW, or if our CW could be more specific. we try to take these in based on what our mutuals boost and such onto our feed.

3. please don't say ableist shit on our feed! if you're criticizing ableism, we'd prefer you cw it. if it's internalized stuff, we understand. especially things like
"lame" and "cripple"
references to intelligence or brain size
this list is not comprehensive, but you can check:

now live re: weld stream announcement playing music while we get ready for jackbox!!!

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weld stream announcement 

4 hours from now, at 18:00 eastern we'll be playing Jackbox games! we have access to packs 1-5, and will have friends on mumble and audience stuff turned on :::3

πŸŽ‰ re: linux q, :boost_ok:​ 

got it working with ymuse and mpd!!! thanks yall

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re: linux q, :boost_ok:​ 

to be extra clear:

many things can support reading and writing to relative-path m3u files (including strawberry, what we currently use)
we would like something that automatically does this, much like how music players automatically scan your music library and pull in newly added songs

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linux q, :boost_ok:​ 

so, we have a music player on android (vanilla music player) that does a neat thing. it can synchronize playlists to relative-path m3u files. this means, we edit the playlist, add a song, etc, it saves that to a local file in your music folder.

we uh, find that neat and useful

is there a media player with a similar file for desktop linux, which will update the playlist when the file changes and such?
we use syncthing to keep our music synced between devices, so this would be amazing

weld stream announcement 

hear ye, hear ye! in seven and twenty minutes, we shall be playing Astrologaster, and seeing the doctor Simon Forman to cure our aching wrists!
(live at 17:00 est)

now live re: weld stream self promo, viscera cleanup detail 

aaaand live playing music while we prep!!!

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weld stream self promo, viscera cleanup detail 

tonight! in less than 1 hour, at 18:00 eastern time, we will be playing Viscera: Cleanup Detail, in multiplayer!

(note; that game uh, as per its title, has a fair bit of sorta-cartoonish gore. it's about being cleanup after video game levels from shooters happen, basically)

quick addition re: linux pulseaudio question, boosts okay 

oh it wasn't clear: the loopbacks are to point the null sink monitors back to our actual headphones so we can also hear

also, side question, is there a way to arbitrarily pass environment variables to OBS' browser plugin so we can tell them to use a specific sink, or do we just need to pass an environment variable to OBS as a whole >.>

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linux pulseaudio question, boosts okay 

okay this has been giving us heck for a while

we want to load 2 null sinks and 2 loopbacks at startup.
specific usage: we have them set up to be named "games_null_sink" and "voice_null_sink", and we redirect all video game and voice chat audio through them, so that

  1. we can generally control more globally the volume level of games we play
  2. we can separate out those audio sources for streaming, so random desktop audio not going to those sinks doesn't get heard on stream. eg if we start playing our own stream for an audio check, it won't infinitely loop.

we have the commands for it (pactl load-module blah blah - can copy exactly what we run when at a desktop again)
trying to put this into a fish script to run at login with xfce's "session and startup" tool? it seems to load them before some other sources, which leads to the loopbacks just looping back our microphone instead, making us manually edit where they go in the pulse audio controller GUI program
(we have the commands set up to set the source for the loopback to be the monitor of the null sink, which works 100% fine in a normal terminal session, so we suspect the timing is the issue, maybe our usb microphone is getting that "oh you just plugged me in" priority on boot but after the script runs?)

using the /etc/pulse/ file just doesn't load the sinks and loopbacks at all when we try??

weld streams dark souls iiiin just a few minutes, hang out and enjoy the tunes and get ready for the return of the parry pros!!

weld stream self-promo

enter the PUZZLE LABS for some time in TIS-100!

contextless screenshot, sex mention re: weld stream self promo 

coasters are going well

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weld stream self promo

live!!!! getting ready to play open roller coaster tycoon 2 in multiplayer with pals!

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twitch/ad blocking psa

from that thread, by user bathtubtv, is a google doc with step by step instructions. if the script doesn't work, you should be able to swap it for later ones in the issue thread

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weld stream self promo for later 

we'll be streaming open roller coaster tycoon 2 multiplayer!! at 18 eastern us time, that's in 6 hours and 20 minutes from this post!!

twitch/ad blocking psa 

ublock origin seems likely to update to fix blocking twitch ads soon
if you know what yr doing and want to try an experimental fix you can test out some of the stuff near the bottom of the issue's comments:

fediblock for a big masto instance, extremely gross ableism, genitals referenced
ppl have had serious issues with the way dot social has been running for like, a fucking while, but quite frankly, seeing a staff member post that ppl are "babybrained" and have "dents in their brain", and then their response to being reported for ableism is to mock it because they're an admin? fucking gross and we're sick of this kinda shit being acceptable

while we're at it we'll note that this isn't super new for luigi, see also: his past forays into, uh, mocking the very existent disability spoons theory because it's "baby talk"

there are probably more examples. also just outright does not have rules against ableism. like, at all. presumably no one running the garbage site saw the need for caring abt ableism

(screenshots just in case of links breaking or other such things)

weld stream self promo! 

with @compufox and more we will be streaming left 4 dead 2, in about an hour and 10 mins from this post!! you could even do a multistream thing

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