egirls are appropriating little culture

Have a sample meme from the 'pokemon' section of our menu. 

Menu: mcmeme-enterprises.neocities.o
To order: !order '1-4' 'folder from menu'

eg. !order 1 Animal Crossing
Please allow a few minutes for a response.

we also watched phantom menace and that was... not a great movie, but i had a lot of fun with it at least

i can't say the same for attack of the clones tho, it just sucks

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its literally so uncomfortable

every scene with anakin is viscerally upsetting for different reasons

its also just like, bad pacing and writing and *gestures wildly*

cool imagery tho, its still star wars

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hi we just watched attack of the clones with wife and i have a new appreciation for how utterly awful that film is

infinity train s4 spoilers 

i feel like this was supposed to have a more profound ending than "if u learn to apologize everything will be ok :)" cause that was really abrupt lmao

the star wars prequel films are supplementary material to the clone wars show, not the other way around


wow mom sure did eat a Whole Damn Cookie before we showered sheeeesh

please 👏 stop 👏 romanticising 👏 disabilities 👏

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