these people went to my college. please support them as much as you can.

conservatives & liberals love to reduce everything to "offense" but this is a convenient erasure of actual harm done by people's actions. and yes writing a fedi post is an action which can harm people, it can replicate structural violence, it can exclude and drive marginalized people out of spaces, it can create an increasingly more oppressive culture.

challenging these things is not about being "offended" by them, it is about combating actual ongoing violence against marginalized beings

psa please do not censor slurs or common triggers (e.g. sl*r). on fedi. you're doing more harm than good cause people who do not want to see these words at all can filter these words from their timeline entirely, but that will be bypassed if you censor.

bad parenting, abuse, written in second person at the end 

when a kid's needs aren't being met, and they have to break rules and lie to get them met, and the parent punishes the kid, that parent is shitty as hell. the kid is completely justified in doing what they need to do to survive that environment

"my kid isn't obeying me, and me yelling at them, attacking them, and taking their things isn't working, what do i do"

this person should not ever be near kids, and what's terrifying is how often i see people like this having kids

they're seriously acting like they're in the right for thinking a person is their property. they don't care about their kid, they care about what they want out of them. they want optimal coercion

"i know what's best for them"

nah you don't know shit about them. you so clearly don't, and it's abusive as hell to be taking away their autonomy. fucking cop shit

unless it went away, no we absolutely are not happy about cops in any context

extremely important PSA for anyone using patreon, both creators and patrons 

patreon has decided to change how charge upfront works, where instead of being charged on the first of the month, you get charged on each "anniversary" day of the month

what this means is:
- you get charged at random times of the month
- patreons will not receive everything at the start of the month
- patreon pages that are also subscribed to other pages will not have their payouts automatically deducted

Twitter post , nsfw furry art , BIG dragon lady , pet play 

a pixel animation commission sequence for @Kylee13th ( )of Colossus, who seems to be powerful

resource distribution offer, period supplies 

is there anyone in Georgia (state) who is in emergency need of contraceptives or period supplies? i'm working with a resource distribution project and i can ship (and possibly deliver) within Georgia in february. feel free to comment or pm me

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