how we use fedi (eg replies) | possibly long 

Just wanted to talk about the way I do my thing on here so you don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you interacted with me:

  • 90% of what I do here is boost, and the other 10% is reply
  • There are times I take breaks (of varying lengths) from masto, with no warning ofc
  • If I'm "active" lately I probably have logged in at least once in the last 24 hours, scrolled DOWN in my home feed to find the last post I remember seeing, and scrolled up to read everything I haven't seen yet chronologically
  • If I've come to your reply in chronological order but I'm still formulating my thoughts, I'll probably reply to let you know I'm thinking about what to say and will get back to you later
  • If I still haven't faved or replied to something you mentioned me in and it's not because I'm inactive, after a certain point I've either forgotten/missed it somehow, and a small chance that I saw it and just... didn't like it, sorry, but that's prob unlikely cuz I'm a big proponent of the "yep I saw this but idk what to say back" fave and do it often

So yeah, interactions are welcome, and it's definitely not personal if it takes me a while to get back to you, that's just a thing that I do :bun_heart: take care out there everybeing! :plural_heart:

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