#IntroPost, LONG 

so like, we did almost this exact post a while ago but i deleted it to repost with a CW which i wish we'd done from the beginning *lmao* :thaenking:

bodily, we're approaching 30. we're also white, and still discovering all the things that have been done to benefit our ancestors at the cost of so much suffering. we're still discovering all the ways white supremacy is still active and granting us the racial privilege we experience. so much of the oppression we've lived through was designed to replicate and reinforce segregation of society, and every place we've ever lived was on land that was stolen by white colonisers. so, there's a lot we've absorbed from society that we have yet to un-learn, but we invite anyone to point out our fuck-ups whenever we fail to notice ourself, and we thank you for the effort and for the energy that we know it so often takes to do so :plural_heart:

we're a dual US-Canadian citizen and committed to fighting oppression in both countries; the trouble is, that's fundamentally exhausting. we've had a depression diagnosis for going on a decade, but suspect we have fibromyalgia (we've also got chronic pain and fatigue). we've never talked to a therapist about being plural, partly cuz it's (relatively) new, but we think if any diagnosis describes us it's OSDD1b. we've heard both of those conditions can be trauma-genic (especially fibro when it shows up at 10 like we suspect it did in this case), and we think chronic stress starting in infancy probably would've been hard on a developing brain, in retrospect, even if there's not any one 'major trauma' we could name until we reached age 9.

gender-ways, we each have our own labels but when we have to name our [system's] gender identity the phrase "non-binary transmasculine woman" feels best: it connects 'what we are' with 'what we were "supposed" to be' via the queerness we practice every day.

each alter feels like a saved copy of my personality from different stages of my life. some of them have continued to grow up with the body, and some less so. we should all probably do our own lil intro post in reply to this one, cuz it would be nice to be able to express each of us no matter who picks up the phone to browse fedi. our little side loves the chick emoji :chick_love:

if you're reading this far, we thank you. remember that you're loved -- we're so glad you're here. take care of yourself, and we hope to see you around the interwebz, friend 💖

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