hi , life has felt too hard to also be able to do social media things but I'm hopin'a change that

i'm gonna keep my following circle small on this account, mostly mutual follows of other and/or folx, and i'll pin+reply to this toot from my less-active/more-political alt accounts

and with luck this'll stay a small safe cyberspace that i can hang out in more often

and uh, hopefully we'll see you around or something? :plural_heart:

Oops hello world here is one of those alter-egos where we politick but I'ma prolly migrate to a new instance soon so don't mind me.....

howdy, i'm jay, and this is the more crowded / more publicly-facing account where i boost more politics and fewer image descriptions and things, but my "home" on masto is @enbeanpotSys

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