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hi , life has felt too hard to also be able to do social media things but I'm hopin'a change that

i'm gonna keep my following circle small on this account, mostly mutual follows of other and/or folx, and i'll pin+reply to this toot from my less-active/more-political alt accounts

and with luck this'll stay a small safe cyberspace that i can hang out in more often

and uh, hopefully we'll see you around or something? :plural_heart:

The day I heard the phrase "one of my girlfriends" and it was 100% completely normal to everyone around was the day I knew that we can win

Anti-queer folks have nothing even approaching that power level

Please support T, she is Indigenous trans activist and social psychologist who supports other community members access resources, emotional support, and crisis intervention

trans, Scotland, info, + 

Specifics on how the Scottish government intends to improve trans healthcare from 2022-2024 (PDF):

- currently, all trans surgery is performed in England. They'll aim to change that.

- explore and provide "pilot" services (perhaps along TransPlus lines?)

- explore new ways for GICs to provide better services

- "support" for people on the waiting lists

- "Bring gender identity services within national waiting times standards"

- "Support the establishment of a nationally commissioned Young Person’s Gender Identity Service" (as is, there's only GIDS for England, Scotland, and Wales, and KOI for NI; both are awful)

gaming hot take, re: ongoing industry abuse 

Quick reminder that any "news" outlet that says anything positive about any game published by EA, ActivisionBlizzard, or Ubisoft* without immediately and conspicuously qualifying it by mentioning the perpetual Crunch, worker abuse, sexual harassment, and (currently) ongoing strikes is complicit in all of the above by trying to sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn't still happening.

Also, anyone who berates someone for continuing to talk about the above for any reason despite the fact that nothing has meaningfully changed, especially if it's so that they can enjoy their mindless, creatively devoid games guilt-free, is also complicit. :ms_dont_at_me:

*this list is subject to future additions, but not removals

-Logan, et. al

gaming hot take, re: ongoing industry abuse 

Remember, anyone who continues to support these companies, whether by giving them money or telling others to do so, while allowing these practices to continue is implying that the games they publish are more important than the sanity and well-being of the people who worked on it.

-Logan, et. al

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Please caption your images, describe what's in the links you're sending people toward, describe the videos you're sharing, make sure you use words on your posts that verbally describe their contents so people's filters work on them. If you can't do that consistently, consider switching to unlisted posting by default or ask for help. For image descriptions, "caption please" in a post will nearly always inspire a reply or two with help allowing screen reader users to enjoy your posts.

We do have people who need such accommodations on this instance; please use the tools (built-in or social) provided.

🚄 thank
🚈 you
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🚎 safe
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I just cancelled my #EFF membership and will not be spending to them, can also not recommend anyone to do that.

The reason?

It looks like they are looking to push forward "Web3" and cryptocurrencies. Both bullshit, speculative technologies that create more real problems than they solve.

If you are an #EFF member, maybe consider sending them an email cancelling your membership demanding them to change course.

Gabriel Boric, the new president of Chile, a socialist student activist, has a history of psychiatric institutionalization. He has had a lifelong struggle with OCD and intrusive thoughts. He was last in in-patient in 2018, and when he announced publicly that he had been in treatment, he also drew attention to the labor conditions of the psychiatric caretakers who worked with him. I know better than to believe in “great men” and this victory is del pueblo Chileno, he is a servant of the people of Chile, and I hope he serves them well. But. . . Gabriel Boric’s victory is the 1st time in years when I feel as a mad man that I can do anything, that I can care for as I am cared for, that I can help organize and win. I hope it fills you all with the same power and joy.

Hot take: I think my friends and me should be safe and happy and not eternally in a state of being marginally screwed

What is an NFT? It stands for "Nice, free treasures!" and it's a celebration of post-scarcity in the online realm. Once a work of digital art has been created (and the artist duly compensated for their labor), it can be reproduced infinitely at negligible cost.

⚠️ Beware of scams: some people are attempting to charge money for NFTs but they are FREE treasures ⚠️

MultiChat is a simple little Python chat program we threw together to make it easier for us to talk to ourselves. It allows two or more people on the same computer to chat, logging the time, date, and who's talking to a local text file. You can change who's talking at any time. MultiChat does not connect to the Internet, and nothing leaves your device. It runs on Linux for certain and theoretically should run on Windows and MacOS (submit an issue if not, and we'll see if we can get that working).

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work, capitalism 

Hey. You don't owe your employer or your boss or your team anything. They pay you on a regular cadence. They pay you for work you've already done. You don't owe them loyalty, gratitude, or concern.

Even if you're a salaried employee who makes above a living wage. The *business* doesn't care about you. It will pay you as little as it can to retain the profits of your labor. You can acknowledge your luck and privilege without feeling indebted to the company.

From Christine Burns' review of Shon Faye's "The Transgender Issue":

"This is a challenging book to read if you’ve taken at face value the nonsense that passes for journalism about trans lives. It invites you to think about that divisive agenda from a more informed point of view.

And, let’s face it, those opponents of trans inclusion and legal reform who say they want a debate can’t complain if this book sets out an informed point of view.

Faye’s language is precise and readable. To me, this is a seminal text, the kind you see only once in a generation. If you think it’s time for a reset in all the talk about trans rights, this may be it."

The next James Bond should be nobody, it's time to stop

out of context, reclaiming a mental health slur 

"We're not that insane..."

There are three types of people in the world

People who can make lists, people who lose interest partway through lists,

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