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#IntroPost, LONG 

so like, we did almost this exact post a while ago but i deleted it to repost with a CW which i wish we'd done from the beginning *lmao* :thaenking:

bodily, we're approaching 30. we're also white, and still discovering all the things that have been done to benefit our ancestors at the cost of so much suffering. we're still discovering all the ways white supremacy is still active and granting us the racial privilege we experience. so much of the oppression we've lived through was designed to replicate and reinforce segregation of society, and every place we've ever lived was on land that was stolen by white colonisers. so, there's a lot we've absorbed from society that we have yet to un-learn, but we invite anyone to point out our fuck-ups whenever we fail to notice ourself, and we thank you for the effort and for the energy that we know it so often takes to do so :plural_heart:

we're a dual US-Canadian citizen and committed to fighting oppression in both countries; the trouble is, that's fundamentally exhausting. we've had a depression diagnosis for going on a decade, but suspect we have fibromyalgia (we've also got chronic pain and fatigue). we've never talked to a therapist about being plural, partly cuz it's (relatively) new, but we think if any diagnosis describes us it's OSDD1b. we've heard both of those conditions can be trauma-genic (especially fibro when it shows up at 10 like we suspect it did in this case), and we think chronic stress starting in infancy probably would've been hard on a developing brain, in retrospect, even if there's not any one 'major trauma' we could name until we reached age 9.

gender-ways, we each have our own labels but when we have to name our [system's] gender identity the phrase "non-binary transmasculine woman" feels best: it connects 'what we are' with 'what we were "supposed" to be' via the queerness we practice every day.

each alter feels like a saved copy of my personality from different stages of my life. some of them have continued to grow up with the body, and some less so. we should all probably do our own lil intro post in reply to this one, cuz it would be nice to be able to express each of us no matter who picks up the phone to browse fedi. our little side loves the chick emoji :chick_love:

if you're reading this far, we thank you. remember that you're loved -- we're so glad you're here. take care of yourself, and we hope to see you around the interwebz, friend 💖

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Is this video enough for you? Reply and/or DM if I (the uploader) can do anything else to provide greater
(The video is about 1 minute excerpted from my playthrough of Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor)

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how we use fedi (eg replies) | possibly long 

Just wanted to talk about the way I do my thing on here so you don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you interacted with me:

  • 90% of what I do here is boost, and the other 10% is reply
  • There are times I take breaks (of varying lengths) from masto, with no warning ofc
  • If I'm "active" lately I probably have logged in at least once in the last 24 hours, scrolled DOWN in my home feed to find the last post I remember seeing, and scrolled up to read everything I haven't seen yet chronologically
  • If I've come to your reply in chronological order but I'm still formulating my thoughts, I'll probably reply to let you know I'm thinking about what to say and will get back to you later
  • If I still haven't faved or replied to something you mentioned me in and it's not because I'm inactive, after a certain point I've either forgotten/missed it somehow, and a small chance that I saw it and just... didn't like it, sorry, but that's prob unlikely cuz I'm a big proponent of the "yep I saw this but idk what to say back" fave and do it often

So yeah, interactions are welcome, and it's definitely not personal if it takes me a while to get back to you, that's just a thing that I do :bun_heart: take care out there everybeing! :plural_heart:

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hi , life has felt too hard to also be able to do social media things but I'm hopin'a change that

i'm gonna keep my following circle small on this account, mostly mutual follows of other and/or folx, and i'll pin+reply to this toot from my less-active/more-political alt accounts

and with luck this'll stay a small safe cyberspace that i can hang out in more often

and uh, hopefully we'll see you around or something? :plural_heart:

one of those nights on here where I've got toots half-composed in my head (replies, an anecdote), but just

ugh, Tired

semi-mindless scrolling and boosting it shall be, then, ttyl everybody :chick_upside_down:

a discord community is not a suitable replacement for a wiki

Putting good things out into the world doesn't make a difference to whether or not you get good things in return, but I like to think that the more you help people, the more other people are inspired to do the same in their own ways, which feels like a good way to work towards a culture that can support everyone in the ways they need to be supported

apparently when people complained to the Public Universal Friend about the androgyny of their dressing style, their response was "I am not accountable to mortals". Like Garrisson Davis notes, trans culture hasn't aged a day

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Piracy is both the only genuine attempt at digital media preservation and the only check on the power of IP laws, it's not only justified it's necessary

I think this goes without saying, but please, go on camping trips to other places (like say, Chicago or Canada).

But do not post details about your camping trips.

Use a VPN to learn details of your camping trips, especially if you do a staycation.

I 100% support the right to go on camping trips. But do not tell me about them. Do not tell Anyone about your camping trips unless they need to know.

And if you haven't already: Delete any app that tracks periods. It can and WILL be used against you.

sure twitter is absolutely garbage but what if chelsea manning and grimes see me from across the room & really dig my vibe

one of my best girlies transitioned and picked her middle name and it was the same as my middle name 😭 neither of us knew that about each other but it brought us a lil closer together

Signal is a decent messaging app for secretly talking with friends about where/when/how to do cool crimes. Like posting the address of an abandoned house you want to graffiti.

It has flaws. Nothing is perfect. But it's end to end encrypted and you can set messages to self destruct. Better than planning crimes on here.

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Gentle reminder; don't brag about your cool crimes (like doing graffiti) on here. It's not a secure place. That's how people get caught. In general, it's important to learn to be happy being a secret bad ass.

If you need help doing cool crimes, only tell one or two people you'd trust with your life. Make sure they won't tell anyone, even if they get arrested. The Weather Underground and the people who exposed CoIntelPro got away with it because they all kept quiet.

I’ve just created the group @autisticadvocacy as a way for #AllAutistics to share information without having to search for hashtags

If you’re #ActuallyAutistic and talking about Autistic advocacy, just tag in @autisticadvocacy, and anyone who follows the group will see your post

food; begpost 

Could any of you lovelies help a (demi)brotha out with a spot of dinner~?$somarasu


US politics, supreme court 

I don't wanna hear a word about voting when 6 of the justices were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. This isn't democracy, this is a joke.

Definitely going to be playing some violent video games this weekend.

The Satanic Temple cannot help you get an abortion, and it does not deserve your support

That is the conclusion of legal scholars, reproductive rights journalists, abortion access orgs, and former members

a quick recap

*don't post crimes

*if you're using an app to track menstruation cycles, clear your data and/or delete your account before uninstalling it

*if you go to a protest, leave your phone at home, wear all black, wear a mask

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