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hi local, I'm and looking to get to know some other systems so I can maybe figure out my own a little better. Wishing everyone a good morning! <3

Tech (Raspberry Pi) 

We're also seriously thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi soon- both because there's a lot of neat things you can do with them and because we're interested in using one to self-host a few things. Been interested in it for a while and we're in a position where we could actually get one.

Anyone have Pi advice or recommendations?


One of the funny things about being internally nonhuman is that you can put things like "eldritch abomination" in your description for various accounts and somehow no one bats an eye at it, but the moment you directly say "I'm not human," people flip out. Strange how that works.


*Evil laughter*
I snuck fruit in with the veggies...
Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone...

we say "we're going to fix our sleep schedule!" and then go to bed at 2am bc we lost track of time playing minecraft

omg apparently the Netherlands is removing gender markers on IDs

Clarion West is starting to examine their assumptions about how marginalised people fit with the standard writers’ workshop approach - the recommended reading list at the end looks interesting:

Hey putting this out there: if i ever boost and unboost your post or reply, im not trying to be a shithead i just straight up miss the correct button half the time

Outfit picture, no eye contact 

Goth but dont worry there's pink in there somewhere 😜

"The program found in the head of an average poet, after all, was written by the poet's civilization, and that civilization was in turn programmed by the civilization that preceded it, and so on to the very Dawn of Time, when those bits of information that concerned the poet-to-be were still swirling about in the primordial chaos of the cosmic deep. Hence in order to program a poetry machine, one would first have to repeat the entire Universe from the beginning—or at least a good piece of it."

Looking for resources that help provide direct aid to #neurodivergent folks, financial help or whatever.

For example, I know about this fund

#neurodiversity #actuallyAutistic

This new industry of "sleep books", "sleep podcasts", "sleep netflix show", apps tracking sleep, etc is a capitalist encroachment in one of the last escapes we have from that

im having trouble identifying plants at today's park but i have found a turtle (my gf has a better camera so ill boost its posts later)

Birds from today, thread! I saw so many today... each bird is gonna get their own post! Lets start out with...

Gray Catbird! This guy wasn’t afraid of me at all and let me get some good photos! I love Catbirds so much, their bluish gray colors are just beautiful.

you might be if your GM asks you what people your character is usually attracted to and you don't have an answer at first because you forgot that that's a thing a character might have :dragnthinkflare: :sparkling_heart_ace:

my favorite engineering prof just shared this thread about teaching a grad class on mutual aid, and then those students trying that out.

The British Student Doctor Journal has put out a special LGBTQ+ issue! Of interest not only to UK folks.

Articles address how to treat trans patients, how doctors are trained, queer theory, public health, and more. All CC and non-paywalled.

#trans #lgbtq #health #medicine 🐘

Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 32.9%

I would divert the trolley and save the workers but the trolley control mechanism uses closed source software...

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