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took down my pinned intro post because my self-understanding has already changed a lot in the two days since i've posted it, lol

there's a lot more i want to write for this, but i wanted to have the link up before i went to bed tonight, so i decided to push it up 🤷‍♀️

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it was a really great writing exercise to learn as much as i could about systems' experiences and try to mirror it from our own

lots of reading, lots of introspection, lots of fucking around with jekyll, lol

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jekyll question: is it possible to auto-generate a table of contents for a page, based on its headings?

failing that, is it possible to parse through a page's content and pull out its heading text and slugs to build a table of contents myself?

something about seeing systems or headmates have websites on places like neocities or dreamwidth makes me extremely happy

it speaks to me with a very peculiar nostalgia and i love it

i seem to remember my therapist mentioning something to this effect recently ("i don't like to use names" "that's a systems thing") but i'm not sure if i'm completely making that up 😬

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is there a particular pattern of system-think where one headmate or the collective at large has a hard time with names?

i hardly ever think about people's names when i think about them, to the point where their name hardly even factors into my conception of them

highly amused that my therapist and i have agreed on using "vibes" as a term of art when describing internal communication

right at the end of therapy, my therapist dropped a truth bomb at me and said "switching headaches are real. migraines and chronic headaches are relatively common among systems"

and i made a face, because i've been getting migraines since OG puberty and i'd been beginning to suspect that there was some switching going on during migraines, but to hear it said plain and unprompted was a lot to take in

torn between "wanting more systems mutuals who don't mind my constant self-investigation" and "being afraid that posting a Real Hashtag Introductions post will bring in Too Many people" :ms_disappointed_but_relieved:

took down my pinned intro post because my self-understanding has already changed a lot in the two days since i've posted it, lol

maybe the depersonalization around my self-identity was only a problem because i was trying to forcibly integrate a system that wasn't ready or willing to be considered a singlet :thonking::thonking::thonking:

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my therapist and i collectively reached the conclusion that the question of "who am i" (which i've been struggling with for a long time) became a lot easier to manage when i realized that there may not be just one "i" involved :thonking:

part of me is like "i wonder if there's a plural community where i work" but i think what i really want is to be invited to one of those secret social slack channels :thonking:

"i'm not crying you're crying"

me on main: oh man nostalgia

me here: this resonates with Ann and (oddly enough) Pulse, and created an incoherent cascade of feels

okay, i think we're ready to make a tentative introductions post

so as of yet we're a chiefly binary system (system name TBD, though in a pinch our in-person name is Victoria 🤷‍♀️)

Logos (they/¿he?) (name/pronouns tentative) is the primary fronter, and more of a "logic brain" kind of thinker.

Ann (she/her) is the other major player, and speaks with a strong layer of myth and metaphor in a lot of things.

there are some other forces and entities we've identified, but those are still an active topic of research.

so, uh, hi! ❤️

we realized the other day that we occasionally used a "personal we"/"royal we" when speaking, and it was not unlike looking back in life and seeing extremely trans things from The Before Times :chick_sweatdrop:

we came across the term "paragenic" right at the beginning of our questioning, and tbh it was one of those situations where seeing a label unlocked feelings we didn't know we had

i'm used to being on a personal instance, lol, it's been a while since i've had a good instance timeline feed

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the cool thing about joining a new instance is that you can grab a cool username, and if it's small enough, you don't really have to worry about it being taken :V

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