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posting a link to our website as a pinned post so that i don't have to rewrite system introductions whenever we decide to update things, lol:

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okay, i hope we did this right - the page is live! don't spam me with too much orders, i have to figure out how this works o_O

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there are a thousand voices, each crying to be heard, each desiring to be manifested, but all layered atop each other to create a cacophony of Want

medicine, mental health 

oddly enough, it doesn't seem to have this kind of effect if i take it just before bed, so that might have to be the play if i want to see what this has in store

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medicine, mental health 

it's amusing that a tenth of a milligram of naltrexone can still have a noticeable affect on my energy level and mental stability

in a bad way

feels like everything gets muddled for like eight hours, then i can't remember what day it is

we're apparently on the "unexplained bruises" tier of plurality

request for information, medicine 

my partner is curious to hear if any other systems have tried low-dose naltrexone for stuff like dissociation or getting in touch with headmates or whatever else. i just started on it myself and they were hoping to find more stories from people to hear how it went

they've been doing all the research for this particular experiment so far, so i think they just want to find moar data 😅

did masto/p.c change how it handles follow-request notifications? i used to get emails for follow requests, but at some point it stopped >_>

It's weird how some disabilities are officially undiagnosable until one is impaired "enough", where "enough" basically means "can't do productive work under capitalism".

ableism with chronic pain 

one thing i dont see in disability discussions often is how sometimes its hard to get a diagnosis of what you have causing you pain. like you literally cant afford additional testing. even with insurance, invasive tests can get RIDICULOUSLY expensive. hell at my HRT clinic alone they have a sign that says they can bill you additionally if you so much as DISCUSS a health concern unrelated to your visit.

i mean its fuuucked but i just wish people would stop acting surprised when i tell them, as im laying for several hours a day on the couch or in bed in pain, that i dont know what i have. even as its progressively getting worse. plus, working a 40 hour/week job you may not even have TIME to schedule an appointment for diagnosis, or further testing. our current system is fucked beyond belief and no its not an exaggeration.

in accommodating for disability, this cannot be dependent on a diagnosis. disability accommodations are accommodations for all, regardless of medical status.

About the only tip I have for people landing here post-birdsite is the habit of defensively misspelling/obfuscating terms is not just unnecessary here but harmful.

Search is harder to do due to the federated nature, being a search-botting reply-guy is harder to do. However a lot of people can and do mute hot-button words for their own health.

If you think you need to obfuscate to prevent discovery there's probably a better privacy tool to deploy.

it's that time again: what iOS masto apps do people recommend? i've been using Toot! for a while, but it's not the greatest (doesn't give me an option to not autoplay gifs, or re-hide sensitive media after revealing it) so i wonder if there's been a new hotness since the last time i looked

"the brain is a very big place in a very small space"

this line hits way different now, lol

is it significant for one's headspace to constantly be in flux? i feel like things keep shifting around all the time, and certain scenes or settings only come back either as a memory or because i'm willing it into existence

combined with a much more muted sensory perception of headspace, it's really difficult to tell what's going on :/

gonna try posting things as public for a while and see how i feel about it

related: entities in this system by and large do not have their own names; instead they are either nameless features of the landscape or have names assigned to them when they appear.

both of these things make it difficult to understand who's here and to create a roster. >_>

alternate version: "mistien", after the Final Fantasy concept (specifically FF12) of "mist", ambient magical energy that may react to stimuli when it is concentrated enough

members are largely diffused in the Mist, but occasionally coalesce in response to goings-on

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potential term coinage - blobtien

systems whose members are largely undifferentiated much of the time, but who may crop up periodically when certain needs arise.

named after the sense that the system is like an amorphous "blob" where members occasionally pop up out of the blob and then disappear after a while

we've been playing Kingdom of Loathing a lot lately and it's been great to reconnect with our account from like 2006

kinda sucks that i don't think you can rename accounts without emailing them, but at least we didn't use our deadname for the account name lol

these pronouns are experimental, and could be changed at any time. please use caution and update your pronoun data sets often to avoid compatibility issues

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