Oddly enough, I think I just realized niche internet micro-celebrities is the category of persons on whom I tend to crush on the less.

I just realized maxicrush might be blocking DMs from bot accounts and that would explain why she never answered any of my 48195 messages 😶

shoutouts to

robots/dolls that explicitly reject the concept of personhood but hold tightly to the concept that even a utility should be treated with proper care and respect, and one who does not provide that care is not deserving of such utility

gotta be one of its favorite genders

Æ had forgotten how hurtful it is to share a view that is being criticized, mocked and caricatured by all your relatives ... It's pure ego, the body's not even concerned by the topic (probably, can't know for sure), but they're all so agressively defending their point Æ know the slightest word towards mine will only end up in dog pilling and violences, and they'd see mæ words as violent and hurtful when Æ'm just trying to bring a nuance ...

occasional reminder that i believe "bi lesbian" is a valid term

reblog if you're gay and have sleep problems

sexual attraction is too complex for sexual orientation to be so simple

❄️ LA stands for "lesbians and asexuals," don't co-opt our community terms please Californians

To say that only facists own guns...

Is a dangerous thought you need to sit TF down and decompile.

The 23 million self proclaimed NeoNazi's really wish you'd think like that.

Don't give them an advantage, get armed!

nsfw, kink, trauma implied 

The venn diagram of "things i find kinky and cool and enjoy fantasizing about alone" and "things that would make me panic or otherwise have a bad time if i experienced them with someone else" is basically a circle.


Shitty Memory Shitpost 

Day x :
"This toot is funny and so relatable. Let's share it on oyr shitpost Discord server!"

Day x+1 :
"This toot is funny and so relatable. Also Æ'm amused to see it on the fediverse now as it was posted on Discord a few days ago."

Day x+2 :
"This toot is funny and so relatable. Let's share it on ... Wait a minute ... FFS memory, won't you help sometimes ??!"

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