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@dissociation @aquariussystem My biggest issues with people married to structural dissociation theory:

1. There’s no evidence that an infant’s “personality” “forms” or “comes together”, because we can’t prove that babies have much of a personality. Outside of a VERY limited range of responses to an independent variable, there’s no way to show that personalities “cohere” by a certain age.

2. That fucking age cutoff. “Your trauma has to have occurred before the age of x” bitch gtfo.

@setsuna @dissociation @aquariussystem We’ve also noticed systems use these “science” claims to invalidate as many collectives as they can. They’re so quick to weaponize it and it’s incredibly harmful to the community.

@setsuna @aquariussystem

Id like to add @noriplanet (@noriplanet had made a post about opening up to therapist few hours ago) to this convo because @setsuna has made good points on structural dissociation theory.

On the science part, I believe it is a lack of proper 'control' and 'variable' problem, as @aquariussystem had pointed out, along with ethnical violations and lack of reliable data and statistics.

Society deciding what is normal or not, then attempting to stigmatize, hide, or eliminate people who don't fit in the "normal" circle ---

unfortunately that kind of behavior has affected our science and medical professions and worlds because, in the fact, we all are humans (or residing in human bodies) regardlessly.

- Diss

@dissociation @setsuna one thing we have noticed is that in many cases those using science as a basis for exclusion; in syscourse, transmed stuff, and many others; tend to distort and misinterpret a lot of scientific opinions as well as ignoring the last five years or so.

while some of it is definitely intentional i do think some of it is a genuine lack of understanding. not everyone has access to the latest papers and news, and with the age of a lot of them i don't expect a high level of scientific literacy, given how many are high school age and younger. that's not a super common skill to have been taught then and as a someone who at that age did manage to get a hold of papers and university textbooks (go library book sales) its really not easy to teach yourself.

syscourse, long 

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yeah, dating as a system is unbelievably hard for this very reason. i'm at awe at the ones who get a monogamous relationship to work between a system and a singlet.



right?! I can't even imagine how we can be a monogamist because, for example we have George, who is gay.

sexuality is a spectrum and its extremely sad of how people are so unaccepting toward what we are sexually attracted to

- Diss


this is an example of how weird and interesting Mastodon is.

each posts under same status can have their own threads! like reddit, but you gotta click to view them =F

- Diss

@dissociation it's also rare every single system member is attracted to the same person, and what your girl said is very guilt-inducing... even we struggle though our orientations and preferences all come to 'men are cool'


yep @ rarity and guilty-inducing

luckily, I was able to handle that and explained things to her patiently, while other systemmates probably likely wouldn't do the same

We had decided to just set our body (Eric)'s default sexual orientation as queer so that we will not have to "advertise" our complicated our sexuality preferences

- Diss

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