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An attempt to enumerate this system's structure and give some insight into the members, based in part on an answer to a Curious Cat question for twitter.

The majority of the system resides within a subsystem known as the Court.

Both hosts, Zara and Winter are within the Court, as are both past hosts, Vikky and Ramona. Zara is generally who's talking when the system is in upper case and Winter when in lower case, but the fronter will be indicated by means of this account's display name.

Members of this Court all use we/us for all things they do because the Court is based on a bleeding into each other which occurs such that any one who is fronting is always accompanied in some way by all of the rest. Like a lead singer of a choir.

Other notable members of the Court include Heart, X, and Sir Damon. In addition, Zara and Winter sometimes cohost as Zinter. There are several others who have fronted since the whole plurality thing was figured out and countless more who have either never fronted or who fronted only before the system realized its own plurality.

And a few members of the system lie outside of the Court. Selburose is not in the Court, and nor is Storm. The Palace is also not in the Court, serving as a manifestation of the system's headspace, thus containing the Court, and the rest of the system. The system is all those who are within the Palace, in a very real way.

Finally, it should be noted that the system's name is the Changeling of the Wastes.

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We're the Changeling of the Wastes, an esoteric polyfragmentary plural system!

We're a neo-pagan who worships the divine Ellesmere and sometimes write poetry about hir which gets posted here:

We're also a writer working on our short story series Ghost Crimes which can be read here:

Our hosts are Winter, who types in lowercase, and Zara, who doesn't.

Follow us for esoteric religion, writing, and green anarchist politics. You might recognize us from twitter where we're @/deathpigeon as well.

Morning! I've not fronted since we figured out we're plural, so this is nice.

Here's a brief language survey:

Anyone of any gender can participate, as long as they live in an English-speaking country. It will close no sooner than Saturday 10th April at 12 noon UK time (BST).

It's interesting how many in this system are more ok with being called "it" than "he" or "she".

One more push: We're trying to rescue a floor loom from NY and deliver it to an anarchist collective in NC that will use it to clothe themselves and the homeless in the area. If you've got stimulus money looking for a cause, please consider this one.

Talking to a friend about the origins of our plurality and we think we might have realized the precise moment when Winter created our earliest headmate (Ramona) in Elementary School.

We were playing in the schoolyard after school and our mom wanted us to go home, but we didn't want to go home because we didn't like being home very much (our household was toxic even then, and would grow abusive later) so we hid on the playground and then kept playing after she left.

And, then, we developed a growing sense of dread about how we'd be greeted when we got home because we'd hid from our mom instead of going home when we were supposed to and we were terrified.

And, then, we just suddenly got this "great" idea that we'd sneak back into our house through the back door and pretend like we didn't hide in the playground and we were home the whole time and we were actually a good kid so our mom wouldn't get angry with us.

And we did that and she wasn't. Not because of the sneaking back in, but because, while she wasn't a great mom, she wasn't *that* bad.

But we're pretty sure that us getting the idea to sneak back home was the first time Ramona took over.

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