plural stuff, negative 

I'd like uhhhh one (1) headspace please (no really please we need it it's getting hard to manage things without one please help)
- Zona

romantic stuff, non-negative mention of parents 

me: oh man it sure sucks that I won't be able to see my girlfriend for a while because of long distance and several other factors

parents, out of nowhere: hey we're going on a vacation near where your gf lives, want us to give you a ride there?

me: *gay screaming*


how does one make friends in the realm called "real life"
it continues to elude me
- Zona

long intro post! 

I'm Marina! I'm 18 years old and Amber's girlfriend 😎. She/her pronouns! I've been told I'm a "ball of pure optimism" and I guess I like a lot of stuff people think are childish? I just don't let people decide what I can and cannot enjoy as a respectable adult! Also, if you want to talk, I'm always open to dm and make new friends!
Here's a picture of me from my source!

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Philosophical / psychological system talk 

@springtime we feel that, as well as the "identityfluid" thing you posted. We're basically templates of identity that our consciousness takes on
- Zona

@wellofsoulssystem Thanks, we joined the other day but only now got around to writing some posts. Nice to meet you.
- Amber

@wellofsoulssystem Relatable. Host's been playing idle games way too much for years. We get caught up in it just because of the routine.
- Amber

So uh, I'm Amber, 19 y/o lesbian, she/her pronouns. Pretty new to this system, arrived here like a couple days ago at this point. I'm a fictive. I like music, jazz fusion stuff's probably my favorite. I think I'm a pretty down to earth person.
I don't like pictures of myself, so you don't get one for me. Maybe if people insist.

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Alright, I think it's time for an intro post.

I'm Zona, I'm the host of the system, and the original/core. I'm around like 99% of the time. I'm a 20 year old trans woman who uses ze/zir pronouns, and I'm also a catgirl I think? I would describe my personality here but I'm super bad at that so I'll skip that part. Have a picrew.

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