we're alive...barely. very switchy today. it's absolutely exhausting.
~ Cadence

we attempted to explain DID to our bio-brother this evening (we didn't tell him we have it, though! that'll be an entirely different, non-casual convo...if it even ever happens) and...really did not do a good job. to add insult to injury, I only remembered the "broken plate" analogy AFTER the convo. I know Staircase Wit exists, but I didn't know Staircase Knowledge was a thing until now. 🤦🏻‍♀️
~ Kirin

thinky thoughts regarding crossover hobbies 

I wonder if we'd be any good at HTML/coding if we were fused or naturally singlet. it's just that it's the one hobby we ALL share on some level, and it encompasses ALL our qualities -- Kirin's innate creativity, AJ and Yuki's mathmatical and spacial knowledge, Cillian's memory and focus, Alex's drive to be individual, Kirika's sharp eye for beauty and harmony, so on so on...we present our websites to the world under one name, but really, it's ALL of us that make the whole. Interesting...
~blendy Jess/Rin (Jessarin? ;P)

kirin: "in a way that's good, nobody discriminates against you if you're sad. ::pause:: no, wait..."

XXD obligatory "i love my headmate" moment
~ alex (stil)

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We all feel so distant from each other at the moment...welcome to plurality with mental health issues. I know this is "normal" (inasmuch as anything we do is normal, I suppose) for a low period, but I still hate it. Even when we're co-con we feel a million miles away from each other. It's awful. (Is this how singlets feel all the time?)
~ Cadence

Remember! Even in the worst times, there's always Pokemon. ^~
~ Jessica (co-con obvs)

We aren't dead, we promise. We are...emotionally bruised, I suppose would be the best term? I think Kirin was the only one of us who truly understood -- or at least, was the only one who had it forefront in her mind -- how traumatic being moved from a home of a decade into temporary accomodation would be. It's been a very tough month. We feel very distant from one another, which means communication isn't up to scratch...I hope nothing more happens to/around us so we can spend the rest of the month healing.

My goodness we are tired. Packing boxes is way harder than it should be. Ridiculous.

it's...becoming very troublesome to concentrate on any one thing, no matter who's fronting. I think I do a better job of it than the rest of the system, but...it bothers all of us. Memory problems are rife at the moment, as well.
~ Cillian

well well well. here we go. *exhale*
~ Kira/Cadence

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