thinky thoughts regarding crossover hobbies 

I wonder if we'd be any good at HTML/coding if we were fused or naturally singlet. it's just that it's the one hobby we ALL share on some level, and it encompasses ALL our qualities -- Kirin's innate creativity, AJ and Yuki's mathmatical and spacial knowledge, Cillian's memory and focus, Alex's drive to be individual, Kirika's sharp eye for beauty and harmony, so on so on...we present our websites to the world under one name, but really, it's ALL of us that make the whole. Interesting...
~blendy Jess/Rin (Jessarin? ;P)

@cosmosphere we can relate, our best skills (having a basic knowledge of many things) are only possible* because of our plurality

*could be possible if we weren't plural but it would be a ton harder I think

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