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the irresistible urge to legally change your name again


there's a bug somewhere in this modpack that, from what we can tell, has permanently affected us with such a high level of aqua affinity we mine blocks significantly faster underwater. it's kind of convenient, honestly.

y'ever see a note you wrote yourself and think "wow, that would've been an extremely cool thing if we could remember what the fuck it was about"

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Want to see dude get Isekaid and excited to do magic and stuff only to find out magic is done through like weaving and stuff and he has to learn all these crafts they derided when they were in the old world but through the process they find it really enjoyable once they sit down to actually learn the weaving and she learns to appreciate and listen to the folks teaching her she kind of sheds all the old world baggage and behaviors that were holding her back and takes her armor she weaved herself and goes out to be a badass assassin in season 2.

haha! successfully finished a maybe-twelve-hour game we only just started uh....a year and a half ago! it's like we don't even have adhd!

Honestly kind of impressed our brain managed to make me front just long enough to eat the meal we'd prepared when I'm the one in the system who likes that food the least.

—Rowan (he/him)

wow! we are extremely mentally stable, aren't we

—the one with the weird name bullshit
(postscript: tbc, this is sarcasm)

accidentally picked up an old special interest and now it's a week later for some reason

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"I need this dinner to be a success, doll. Impress them. You may use anything in the house, just get it done!"

"By your command, miss. Come this way, please."


"You do not have the mundane knife skills to help. But there is washing-up to do…"

classic witchling mistake

gf is telling me i need to get a nemesis. any tips?

— nameless fae corvids

attending an in-person ttrpg game wasn't very high on our list of priorities, but the entity we ended up sitting next to made an extremely rad porcelain angel and i'm stealing their gender

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why are half the folders on our computer named the same, which one of us did this, why

more importantly how the fuck are we still able to navigate all this mess completely effortlessly

the irresistible urge to legally change your name again

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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

took us most of a year to finally give up on trying to find the perfect avatar and just use a random image we had on hand as a placeholder. ah, well

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