other social media, religion 

> mention religion on Reddit

> realize immediately you have made a horrible mistake

complaining about breast forms + bras 

the fact that until i get self-adhesive breast forms, i have to wear a bra if i wanna have tiddies?

that's transphobia right there

furry, inflation, completely non-lewd 

I just wanna be an over-inflated pool toy animal, is that too much to ask?

jus wanna go fWOOMP!

practical question about how to make change on the local gov't level, how to advocate for homeless population? 

situation: a person i saw panhandling was holding a sign with phone numbers saying to tell the governor she forgot about the homeless

problem: i'd like to do something practical with this and actually see if there's anything I could do to advocate for the homeless population to my local government, but I have absolutely no clue where to start or what would help at that level or where to find more info on the current homelessness situation in my area. I have never taken actions involving actually contacting gov't officials on my own before vs as part of a bigger campaign

can anyone give me some advice? :o

being disabled and ace, lewd/nsfw, silly 

being demi and disabled is using our wand vibrator far more often to massage knots out of my body than to jerk it lol

tarantula cw, new pets! 

I got a new tarantula and it's a very different sort from our first (first is avic. metallica, the second is e. murinus; tl;dr one is a docile tree baby and the other is a reactive burrowing weirdo)

now im just hyperfocused on both our actual spiders and on the topic as a whole

therapy, request for resources and advice, the impact of oppression on mh 

hey does anyone have any reputable and good sources (i.e. not Psychology Today or other pop-psych garbage) on the trauma that results from constant oppression and how that works/how it's unique in that you really can't just stop thinking about it bc it's in your face all the time?

Our therapist uh ... doesn't seem to understand how oppression alone can cause severe mental distress and that it's not something I can escape from by just cutting down on social media??

What to do about it?

Stop treating political speech as an abstract debate that needs to be engaged with on its own terms. Start treating political speech as action that has real consequences in the world.

An argument that attacks the character of another person is made because it has real consequences on the target of that speech. It is as real an attack as a fist to the face and its consequences can be lasting.

Ask yourself: Did that person actually deserve to be attacked?


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sometimes things get confusing when CAH is an acronym both for a card game and for the intersex variation you've got jfkjk

Would a cyborg plural system be a mainframe?

"I'm punk, actually," I say, crawling back into bed. "I'm extremely punk. Self-care is punk," I repeat, curling up under three layers of blankets. "The government doesn't want me to do this!" I croon, rocking blissfully back and forth

trisha paytas, antisemitism, 

> Just gets into front
> learns Trisha Paytas did a fucking horrible bastardization of a Passover seder
> regrets fronting x x

How many other plurans relate to androids and AI, especially on the basis of your plurality?

Cuz it seems like there's A Number of us :B

We have reached the level of Out-ness as a system that means I forget when Im not out to someone and just start rambling about our switching schedule changing before I realize the person has no idea what Im talking about.

Queer gamer voice 

You must construct additional pronouns

A guide for non autistic people on how not to support ableism in April 

Autism Speaks is bad, they want autistic people ‘cured’, otherwise known as eugenics. They are non autistic people speaking over us.
There are more horrible things AS do but this would be a very long post if I included them all.
Do not support or promote them.

ABA is a form of torture to force autistic people to mask our behaviour. It is not a helpful ‘therapy’. Even if someone didn’t have a bad experience it doesn’t negate the people who have been traumatised.

Light it up blue is an autism speaks event.
Light is up red is an autism community event in opposition to AS speaks.

Autism awareness is an autism speaks phrase. Autism acceptance is an autism community phrase.

The blue puzzle piece and puzzle pieces in general as a symbol are a red flag. It’s from the idea us autistic people are ‘incomplete‘.

We speak, sign and vocalise for ourselves. We do not need any NT people to communicate for us or decide our needs and rights.

You don't need fancy pens or notebooks to keep a journal and it might help to put your thoughts down somewhere.

my brain is also feeding me this amazing remix idea today underneath everything else:

S Club Party ft. Pitbull

covid-19, poor coping methods that work, i should go play Spyro or something 

... youtube just reminded me why im stuck on petty Youtube/plural drama today when it threw a whole bunch of panic news about the pandemic in my face :D

like ideally i should be relaxing and enjoying a Shabbat Saturday but even hyperfocusing on shitty drama is better than thinking about panic news ( :

im sorry i even made that last toot but i had to put the opinion somewhere so I could just put the damn topic down in my head :V

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