i got a haircut so @vanish drew me :333
(i promise the hair is short under the hat :P)

So I've started playing TemTem this weekend and on my first or second day of playing, I caught a shiny luma Paharo :DDD The chance for luma temtems is 1:6000, not as bad as shiny pokemon, but still pretty rare! They look so cute !

this apiary we made in Minecraft is such a peaceful place, sometimes I just idle here and listen to the campfires crackle and the bees buzzing quietly and popping in and out of their hives while the ambient Minecraft music is playing

u can make real comforting spaces in Minecraft and that's cool

Rook wanted to make a wizard tower to hold our potion making and enchanting stuff, so I started on that today. Building in survival!! is hard!! D: Feels like its always night time

on a scale from Mulan to Gaston how good at expectorating are you?

Spent a few hours fencing in some pigs, lighting up a fancy new pier, and building a new lighthouse.

I took a Minecraft world that generated with only forests and started a dog home and orchard. I have 26 dogs.

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