radfems, bi/panphobia, transphobia, bi lesbian "discourse" 

radfems: *shit on bi/pan/m-spec lesbians and call us lesophobic for supposedly suggesting lesbians could be attracted to men*

also radfems: *coin "femfeb" and are literally attracted to trans men*

( : fffffff i learned some things today and had to unfollow a lesbian/bi solidarity blog today because it was secretly a TERF blog

Basically ideological purity is fake and if you only engage with things that are 100% pure and impossible to corrupt and also perfectly align with your political views, you're gonna sit in a room alone forever

So I had a question and wanted to get the most feedback possible on this

"Do any other neutrois/agender/gender-indifferent people who experience body-related dysphoria also experience it with less of the emotional distress I hear from gendered trans people and more just ... confusion? Or annoyance? "


germphobic OCD, asking for coping advice 

Does anyone have advice on handling contamination/germphobic OCD? I've been struggling so fucking bad and I dont start seeing our new therapist to even start talking about it till next week. ;-;

im curious but also bad at polls

i think im especially interested in like. how many of us have scraped the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel to see anyone like us at all, even if they were the villain/target of a joke/etc.

I've done all of these, from Glee and Degrassi to Jerry Springer and South Park to good ol RHPS.

You know what's "cringe"?
Ridiculing people for their interests being "not age appropriate".
Or for what they're wearing.
Or for anything else that doesn't harm anybody.

mfers really gotta learn that queerness is about Breaking The Rules On Attraction And Gender, not making a new set of "more inclusive" rules. the cishets won't respect you anymore if the Queerness Rules are more coherent.

"if you allow bi lesbians, cishet men won't respect lesbians' lack of attraction to men!" is an inherently flawed and self-defeating way of thinking. the cishet men won't respect you any more either way; stop trying to *earn* their respect, and start *demanding* it.

re: tarantula, small insects, unsanitary, good updates on situation 

freezing didn't work so I had to just dump the whole tank, rinse it, and use the rest of our substrate to re-make it pretty much how it was, but with minor improvements.

I put some cork bark under the water dish to help prevent mold, and Im letting all the moss and stuff dry outside for a couple days to make sure all the tiny bastards are either gone or dead. For now Shelob actually behaved really well when we transported her back into the new tank. It was a huge pain and it gave me a migraine but. It's over and she's safe from cricket nymphs now.

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tarantula, small insects, OCD very bad, physical psuedo-hallucinations, unsanitary, aaaaa 

i ended up with WAY too many baby crickets in my e. murinus' tank, so I had to perform the very tricky maneuver of getting her out and into a tupperware container, and now I gotta freeze the tank so the baby crickets all die out and can't hurt her.

But oh g/d its setting off my OCD SO FUCKING BAD. Both the contamination OCD and just. I keep checking her, then the tank, then her, then the tank, and I cant stop ruminating and also I feel itchy all over bc many tiny bugs turn body hair into the sensation of many tiny bugs ;-; Aaaa. This is what I get for keeping exotics.

food, tea, question for other tea drinkers 

is anyone else weird like us and enjoy like. Really strong/sometimes oversteeped and unsweetened teas?

I got a cold brew unsweetened ice tea, and i think many people are probably missing out on that.

its just that we got used to it bc we would leave tea bags in hot tea forever bc lazy and forgetful, so we just got super used to unsweetened, over-steeped tea??

shit its so hot here i genuinely got heat sick, i just gotta lay down. i hope nausea doesnt hit. ive just been laying here for like half an hour.

thankfully we got a cold brew black tea

People on masto have been taking down the bullshit reactionary arguments about how Pride is "inappropriate for children". Mads has talked about how those arguments relate to transmisogyny.

Apologies if I've missed it, but I'd like to briefly add that all these arguments are also racist, white supremacist specifically.

The hypothetical Child in these arguments, so innocent and fragile and needing of protection, is white. In reality, actual children of color, especially black children, face violence from fash and white supremacists and imperialists on all fronts. I'm going to let black people take the lead in discussing any details, but the information is out there if you look for it.

Also, at least on tumblr, while many well-meaning, good faith people may reblog "Pride is inappropriate for children" posts, the origins of the posts are fash and crypto-fash blogs. The fact that there is still hysteria about Pride parades in a year where a global pandemic has delayed parades indefinitely, indicates to me that most of these posts are a fascist, transmisogynist, racist psy-op.

honestly people should be able to pilot whatever shape of meat and/or metal they're most comfortable in and anyone trying to lock you into a choice you don't like is trying to sell you something

other social media, religion 

> mention religion on Reddit

> realize immediately you have made a horrible mistake

complaining about breast forms + bras 

the fact that until i get self-adhesive breast forms, i have to wear a bra if i wanna have tiddies?

that's transphobia right there

furry, inflation, completely non-lewd 

I just wanna be an over-inflated pool toy animal, is that too much to ask?

jus wanna go fWOOMP!

practical question about how to make change on the local gov't level, how to advocate for homeless population? 

situation: a person i saw panhandling was holding a sign with phone numbers saying to tell the governor she forgot about the homeless

problem: i'd like to do something practical with this and actually see if there's anything I could do to advocate for the homeless population to my local government, but I have absolutely no clue where to start or what would help at that level or where to find more info on the current homelessness situation in my area. I have never taken actions involving actually contacting gov't officials on my own before vs as part of a bigger campaign

can anyone give me some advice? :o

being disabled and ace, lewd/nsfw, silly 

being demi and disabled is using our wand vibrator far more often to massage knots out of my body than to jerk it lol

tarantula cw, new pets! 

I got a new tarantula and it's a very different sort from our first (first is avic. metallica, the second is e. murinus; tl;dr one is a docile tree baby and the other is a reactive burrowing weirdo)

now im just hyperfocused on both our actual spiders and on the topic as a whole

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