plurality, compromising on presentation, HRT 

come back front for the first time in a month, question your whole damn gender again \o/

Reading the entry on “Species” in Stanford’s Encyclopedia of Philosophy is easier and more intelligible than reading literally anything by Marx

its cold and we dont have much heat, spider mentioned 

big vent, health insurance + car problems, negative 

I really need more Jewish folks to talk to.

If you're Jewish + queer, plural, or otherwise alterhuman

Please Interact :ms_arms_in_the_air_c3:

anti-semitism, magic, judaism, complicated feelings about witchcraft and persecution 

Does anyone else get cold irl when you're playing a video game or watching something that's set in a cold place?

Because it keeps happening to me where it'll be raining in Minecraft, or i'll be in an ice biome or up where it's snowing, and I'll start shivering and sometimes even my teeth chatter! :o I gotta pile blankets on myself! but once it's dry and warm again i'm fine!

Rook wanted to make a wizard tower to hold our potion making and enchanting stuff, so I started on that today. Building in survival!! is hard!! D: Feels like its always night time

religion, judaism 


when you watch a burlesque performance and your only emotional response is "oh wow she's so cute! and the skill it takes to twirl those tassels, wow! :D amazing!"

being extroverted is hard actually 

i'm bi for Eugene Lee Yang and how much happier he's seemed since embracing drag and coming out

good for him :3


nsfw, pains of living with another system 

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