note to @vanish : Make Mumbleweed into a gargoyle furby!!

I wont remember to tell you this probably so im writing this to you now!

this apiary we made in Minecraft is such a peaceful place, sometimes I just idle here and listen to the campfires crackle and the bees buzzing quietly and popping in and out of their hives while the ambient Minecraft music is playing

u can make real comforting spaces in Minecraft and that's cool

dysphoria, intersexism 

Pause. What's the weather like? Don't use an app to find out.

accidental emotional sh, dehumanization of plurans, singletism, trauma 

vent, erasure of personhood, some people might count under the plural umbrella technically, but not all plural-spec folks can speak for all others, 

pluralphobia, PSA on how to ACTUALLY include plurals 

We trust you have been given the usual lecture by your system administrator. It usually boils down to three things:

1. Perfect is the enemy of good
2. Normalise asking people what the fuck they're talking about
3. Don't make friends with bullies or someday you'll end up alone in an echo chamber with them

omg i was at the convenience store just now and a cute girl with purple hair really excitedly complimented my Hanukkah sweater aaaa :ms_heart_eyes:

in other news im super tired after all the holidays and co-fronting for most of Hanukkah so i could celebrate outworld x x

social pressure to disclose AGAB, intersexism, vent 

honestly, the reason why you should not use ableist terms which relate to mental illness or disability is not because they used to have more specialized scientific meanings as defined in some ancient tome (congratulations, the meanings of words change)

but because the reason for their shift from specialized terminology into the common vernacular was a widespread cultural focus on identifying and ostracizing divergent mental behaviours instead of developing a society which accommodates all people and identities

when you invoke an ableist term, the history you are invoking is one of "you do not have a place within my society" and "you do not deserve the benefits of my state"

and that comes not from the DSM but culture at-large

Hanukkah ain't Jewish Christmas. It's a story about folks trying to tell Jews they couldn't be Jews so we killed them and made a days worth of oil stretch for eight. It's a resilience in the face of oppression and poverty story.

Happy Hanukkah!

re: apparently i have dysphoria? 

apparently i have dysphoria? 

More thoughts on 'psychopath' 

More thoughts on 'psychopath' 

If anyone can show solidarity to a queer Jew with more bills than money, this is my help me afford winter power bills request. Kick in via PayPal to

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