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No, sir, I do not uwu at you, sir, but I
uwu, sir.

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i just wanna play Minecraft but the shooting nerve pain in my arm says no so i'll just lay here watching "Enslaving 100 Minecraft Players and forcing them to build a knock-off Luigi's Mansion" instead

It's not a real discussion of ontology until someone references Chairs :V

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venom might be my favorite movie now but only the parts where venom is talking/on screen

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Hey everyone, this is a guide about plurality in the workplace for employers and people who work with systems, written by Irenes and FreyasSpirit! It was written as a general thing but I think at least one of them works for Google specifically and the guide was initially being used for that, but just now got published for the public. It's a really neat resource so check it out and spread it around if you want!

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Here's my aunt and her wife as represented by emojis
@corgilesbian @vanish




Whenever I meet a new facet of my wife's subsystem, I feel like I get to learn to love a whole new side of it in a whole new way, and it makes me extra big butch lesbian for it. <3

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Things that need to be normalised in 2019:

• people using they/them pronouns
• people using neopronouns
• people using multiple sets of pronouns
• people using plural pronouns
• people using their name instead of pronouns
• asking people what pronouns they use

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if u drink 5 five hour energies you unlock access to the secret 25th hour

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