DD/lg mention, kink discourse-ish meta, innapropriate adult actions toward kids online 

on a scale from Mulan to Gaston how good at expectorating are you?

huh. someone brought up phantom limbs and now im feeling my actual wings to some degree for the first time in .. a long time. i wondered if i hadn't lost them or something the more post-fictive i got, but apparently not!


angelkin and lightly roasting "The War" as a concept 

therapy, syscourse/dehumanization mentioned 

funny enough part of this has been limiting my time on Tumblr 🤔​

i am trying so hard to be positive, stay away from stressful things, and just relax today


being plural is literally sharing a braincell

tfw a popular blogger in a circle you're in notices and follows you after you've been following a while

im ... interesting to others??

Shabbat is a unique day of the week for me just by virtue of my being front honestly

out of context lewd quote of the day 

whining about discourse, but meta this time 


vagueing off-site, syscourse, neg 

injured bird rescue (positive outcome) 

my criteria for judging good shorts 

haven't been here in a while so quick updates (spider mentioned) (positive): 

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