tumtum/androgynos, funny hebrew translation mixups, halacha and genitals mentioned in image 

if i didn't know there was a possible translation confusion when looking at the Hebrew Wikipedia article for Tumtum and Androgynos, this would sound so bad and confusing xD;;

To clarify: I don't know enough Hebrew to explain this well or much, but I know that I've run into it before where טומטום , commonly transliterated as "Tumtum" (hidden), is mis-translated as "idiot"? And I forget what word it's getting mixed up with because I think there is a similar-sounding word that actually does mean "fool" or "idiot?" Actual Hebrew-knowers, feel free to fill in the gaps here if you know whats going on :o

my nephew got me a finger drum, tambourine, and some drumsticks for Hanukkah because i'd been talking about wanting to learn to play the drums for a while but cant really like ... get a whole kit, yknow?

and ive discovered if you put drumsticks in my hands i will want to hit things with them and i will find some neat stuff to whack em on >:D

transmisogyny, radfems 

i ran into a "misandrist" with a blog title saying "Lolth was right" and uh ... they might not think they're a radfem but like.

that's some radfem shit and I feel deeply fucking unsafe :D

Hey, so since the term has been going around lately, I kinda want to note that when a lot of people say they are "anti-zoophilia", what they actually mean is "I will call people monsters for engaging with furry art that's less anthropomorphic than I personally am comfortable with, even if they are staunchly opposed to anything that hurts actual animals."

It's okay to be uncomfortable with things, but please don't draw false equivalencies to call people evil.

Why Pluto is the most aro-ace object of the solar system. An elaborated illustration of
Birdsite/@soundsfakepod's Ep 24. #asexual #asexuality #illustration #art #mastoart

i love my nephew's cat he is the weirdest bastard i've ever seen

bi lesbian discourse, lesbian separatists being exorsexist/biphobic 

why do lesbian separatists act like the only nonbinary people that exist are either "female-aligned" or "male-aligned?"

like i always see the argument that "lesbians can be attracted to woman-aligned nbs! that doesn't make you bi!" or "you can't be a lesbian and be attracted to male-aligned nbs!" and like

  1. why's it always assumed that bi lesbians are attracted to men

  2. why can nobody remember that not all nbs are "aligned" like that or use those words in a homogenously-defined way?

  3. hoo boy would it surprise them to know there are "man-aligned" butch lesbians because again, that term only means whatever an individual defines it to mean

reclaimed sapphic slurs, semi-joking indignance at discord bots 

i just got censored by a Discord bot for trying to call myself a dyke

so now im just gonna aggressively call myself a dyke now to compensate :V

In the meantime Im cleaning the kitchen for the inevitable possibility that there is no way to really reasonably keep him out :x

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that said ..

anyone know how to build a gate to keep a very agile cat contained? x x

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so we're having problems with our cat now having learned to jump the gate and go into the kitchen. There is no way to cat-proof those counters, so we're gonna either be forced to invest like $400-500 on an extra tall and extra wide cat gate ...

or im gonna have to butch up and build one 💪

question for alterhumans+nonhuman-IDing POC and ethnic minorities 

So, I've been talking recently about the intersection of Jewish ethnicity with alterhuman - and especially nonhuman - identity, and how it can be complicated when you're part of a group that's literally been seen as equivalent to cattle, vermin, and that has entire monsters inspired by caricatures of your people. Likewise, how being visibly Jewish in communities full of goyische neopagans can be incredibly alienating, especially when trying to call out antisemitism in those spaces (I see this a lot with draconics claiming "lizard people" conspiracies are about them, as an example.)

And I'm curious how it is for people of other ethnicities and especially for people of color? Because I also notice that there's either an overwhelming whiteness to these communities or there's a distinct lack of POC speaking up about their racial identities in these spaces, and I'm wondering how those things intersect for other people?

No one should have ever taught the NTs the word “manic”

question for bi and/or pan people 

hey, can i ask bi and pan people like. Why y'all chose one label or the other (or both?) and what they mean to you? Im tryna figure out which one I wanna use and it would help to have some narratives i could try to understand and/or relate to?

other thoughts i've been having while i lay in the dark recovering from a migraine:

do i wanna call myself pan or bi? :ms_pansexual_flag:​ 🤔 :ms_bisexual_flag:

bad pain day, vent 

ive been in pain and had a headache all day and nothing is helping it i swear i have tried everything i have and im in so much pain it brought me to tears -- that i had to stop forcibly because crying would make me hurt more

please G?d take this pain from me ;-;

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