🐦 Working from home gives me the motivation to actually tidy my desk once in a while.

One would think this reduces the chance of stuff getting lost or piling up until gravity takes over, but that ignores the fact that 90% of "tidying the desk" is "moving half my stuff onto some other surface and trying not to look at it".

mh, -, trauma adj 

Study: Puberty blockers save lives 

Just because you don't have anything to hide, doesn't mean you have anything you want to share.

mh, neg, trauma adjacent 

mh, neg, trauma adjacent 

mh, positive 

yeah... you could say i know how to party

*lays down flat on the dancefloor and has a half-hour panic attack*

the greatest trick apple ever pulled was convincing people there was anything wrong with the 3.5mm headphone jack that had been a standard for 100+ years

mh, neutral, slightly vague 

re: neg 


@nightsky_system @Lioness @Gemma 🐦 Thanks all 🙂 . I think we're thinking more to colleagues than managers/HR -- it's in the context of "pretending to be neurotypical singlet 40hrs/week is extremely stressful especially when trying to hide switches but also I'm not sure if it's a good idea to share all of our system shenanigans in a work setting."

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