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Introduction / our art 

Hi there! We're the Coffee Collective! It took us a little while to make an intro post because of offline stuff, sorry about that.

We've got a lot of sysmates, but very few like being active online. I'm gonna introduce myself for now, and our other talkative mates can add on when they're ready.

I'm Vik/Decaf, the host. I'm an autistic polymorphing salamander-creature with ADHD who likes to draw! I'm a highly affectionate individual who is very queer and in a poly relationship with several of our other sysmates. My pronouns are fae/faer/fem and they/their/them, though my main preference is my fae pronoun set.

(Example of pronoun usage: Vik likes to wear pink. You could say pink is faer favorite color. Fae are also fond of purple and green. It suits fem.)

touch paws.
be queer.
befriend dragons.

in whichever order suits you.

re: re: psa / queermisia / racism / Fandom + lgbta wiki 

So Sannse got back to us and clarified that she is not going to be in charge of the new wiki, and that she doesn't know the full extent of what is and is not allowed, but that as long something has a source, it should be allowed.

Also note that in another comment, it was stated that "social media does not count as a source."

Take that as you will.

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re: psa / queermisia / racism / Fandom + lgbta wiki 

If you're wondering how this affects closed culture genders / genders specific to people of color that are erased in conversations about gender where white people are centered, I asked Sannse and got no acknowledgement of the question so far, only a small apology for using the term "official."

— Cinder

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re: psa / queermisia / update on lgbta wiki / Discord guild invite 

If you'd like to join LGBTAw's discord guild to help with archiving, here's an invite link from one of the staff's blogposts:

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re: psa / queermisia / update on lgbta wiki 

So, LGBTAw is currently migrating here:

From what we've read from EZGw and LGBTAw, the most pressing concern is transferring the flags/images for both wikis. Imports don't cover images, so if you've got the spoons and the time, that's an option for helping!

If you'd like to read EZGw's response to Fandom's decision, here's a link:

— Ferris (she/her)

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psa / queermisia 

Hey, for those of y'all who use LGBTA fandom wiki to learn about queerness and don't know:

Fandom has decided that lesser known queer labels (like pretty much every xenogender) are no longer going to be allowed on their new condensed LGBTQIA+ wiki because they're not "officially recognized by activists."

You can read the full post in the link for more information. We don't have the spoons to cover everything in this post, but we wanted to make sure people know about this.

selves promo / plural game streamer 

Heyyy we're playing Monster Hunter World again! Come chill with me and one of my boyfriends.

— 🖐

self promo / plural streamer / Bloodborne 

We're once again streaming Bloodborne!

Come chill and hunt beasts with us!

Question / Synesthesia & Orientations 

Are there labels for neurodivergent ppl whose synesthesia affects their experiences of their orientations?

Like... my (🖐) experience with being sexually and romantically attracted to someone feels like a gradient between several electric cool colors. But that experience is specific to one entity. My sexual and alterous attraction to my wife is a cold winter's night by a small fire, cuddled together in scarves and blankets, along with the colors white, purple, and red.

open for gender 

a gender that is so fragmented and worn down that you don't know how to interpret it

Emergency / Advice Needed / Please Boost / Abuse 

This is a quick post, but we are in an emergency.

We and our partner are in an abusive household with a man who is very lively to get physically violent towards us.

Neither of us know what to do. We have shitty paying jobs, we don't make enough to pay for an apartment in our area, and our only transportation is owned by him.

If you have any advice on escaping this situation, please either leave a comment here detailing, or send us a message.

game stream / horizon zero dawn 

heey we're back at it again with streaming! This time, Horizon Zero Dawn!

as usual, mic is on for ease of chatting. come chill with us!

— 🖐

re: openly plural game streamer 

we're live! im in front, and i can't promise im amazing at the game, but its fun so who cares

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twitch link / self-promotion / openly plural game streamer 

So... I made us a channel where we can stream us playing games we like while being openly plural and inclusive.

And we're gonna be playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne today, starting in about 30 minutes from posting this.

If you& want to drop by, feel free to relax and chat here:

It's on Twitch because we stream from our Playstation. I'll have a microphone on because it's easier for us to chat while playing that way, but voice chat in-game will be turned off.

— 🖐

not a subtoot / ableism / discussion of equating empathy to moral goodness 

Yes, it's ableist to equate having the ability to empathize with being a morally good person.

Caring about other people is not empathy. The ability to feel/reflect other people's emotions is empathy*. And it's not necessary in order to care.

When someone does something cruel, it's not because they "lack empathy." When someone is bigoted, it's not because they "lack empathy."

Saying that someone has to lack the ability to feel another's emotions in order to be bigoted or cruel is saying that being neurodivergent in that specific way is intrinsically linked to being a bigot or a cruel person. It's ableist, and it's factually incorrect.

Many bigots have the ability to empathize. That does not stop them from being bigoted.

(Small note for context: We have not had much sleep, and our brain is suffering intense fog. Wording may be strange or inaccurate in some areas; for this, we apologize. We wanted to type this out before we forgot our thoughts.)

* addendum — there is more than one type of empathy, but when discussing empathy in this context, this is usually the type people are referring to.

queer headcanons / league of villains / my hero academia 

shigaraki tomura is a genderqueer trans guy who uses he/it pronouns and likes the color pink. he has a pastel pink kitty ears gaming headset, and the only people it has shown the headset to are dabi (its genderqueer boyfriend) and himiko (who he considers a little sister).

he was also really good friends with Magne before she died—which is why it went out of its way to ruin Overhaul thoroughly.

is this based off some of our system members? ......maybe.

asking for positive responses / coffee collective is trying something new 

can we get a "hell yeah"?

we're getting into makeup more (both for every day use and for cosplay) and. we are Terrified.

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