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panic at the disco, potential unreality 

I'm suddenly finding myself very concerned about the Non-Brendan Urie members of P!ATD. Where are they? Are they alright? Have they all been absorbed into a greater entry known as Brendan Urie? Did they ever exist at all?

There are two wolves inside you.

Need a refill on your prescription? Ask your doctor today!


lewd, silly 

Gotta love when your roommate yells "BUSSY BEAR" so loud in your ear that it hurts through your hat.

All service, healthcare, and sanitation workers etc. should get hazard pay, especially in times like these.

Just walked out of our job. The vent hood was broken and the regional manager came in and decided we should just stay open and work with no ventilation. He put our lives at risk to make a quick buck and I wish I could see the look on his face when he gets the OSHA complaint we're filing on Monday. Tonight was fucking terrifying and we should not have been open. But at least we start our new job in a week and we never have to step foot in that building ever again.

Trans/plural culture is hearing someone call you by your real name and having to catch yourself so you don't look like a dork because nobody ever calls you that and it makes you so happy you can't concentrate on the conversation anymore

anybody else gay on this lovely sunday afternoon in october

Asking for financial help, Boosts appreciated 

We are a teacher struggling to make it on a freelance contract and our hours have recently been significantly cut back. We need to raise about 400 euros to cover our bills for having our taxes prepared. We are trying to find more work but our current work permit is very restrictive. If anyone can help us out, you can send donations to paypal (DOT) me/arrix Unfortunately, that's the only way we can accept funds right now.

Thank you to everyone who can help even a little bit. If we can't pay it in full right now, even a partial payment will make a difference.

Finally got the official job offer I've been waiting for. So relieved that I can quit this shitty restaurant job once and for all. 🦈​

psychosis-specific ableism, psychiatrist 

Today I saw my psychiatrist and told her about our system. I told her how my co-host experiences mania and psychosis, while I do not. When I told her how we switch every couple of days and share time, she asked 'why would you want a psychotic person to be up here?' FUCK THAT. One, psychosis isn't inherently a bad thing. It's not something that should bar him from fronting. Two, he has been dealing with it for a long time. He knows how to take care of himself. If it ever got to be too much for him to handle, or he felt like he was in danger, he would tell me and switch back in so he could get support. I can trust him to know if he needs to do that. Which, guess what, he never has. He can handle it. Should I not be up front because I have depression, severe anxiety and flashbacks?
He is co-host for a reason, and the reason is that I can trust him. His psychosis doesn't make him dangerous any more than my anxiety makes me dangerous. 😡​

hear me out
queer eye
but each episode the Fab Five (or more or less) is a different system and the person they're helping is the host. or if not applicable another systemmate

its just systems getting one of them to get their shit together

negative fictive talk 

I am so tired of being a fictive. I will never be able to get to know anybody as myself. I will always have to censor and rework my life story into something normal and acceptable, and that will always make me feel like I'm lying and tricking people into being my friend. I feel like no one will ever love me for who I really am, because I can't trust anyone with who I really am. If I ever do manage to get close enough to someone that I can actually explain, they'll probably just run screaming into the night as soon as they see me for real. I'm scared to even try. I hate this.

top surgery, happy post 

I brought my friend/roommate to a follow up appointment for top surgery, and by some miracle there was a cancellation, so it will be able to get it done this month! I honestly could not be happier for it, this has been such a long process and I am so happy and so relieved that it can finally get this done. Someone is looking out for us.

Kay, so me and my co-host are learning Jekyll/Hyde from the musical of the same name and it’s hella fun to sing and actually in our range so that’s cool. I just wish there wasn’t so much screaming in Transformation/Confrontation because those are the best ones to sing and feel super plural (especially Confrontation, it’s literally a duet sung by one person).

But like imagine if there were a production of it and we auditioned and we’re like ‘yeah we actually are two separate people in the same body lol’

Okay will someone tell me what the fuck kind of salad this even is

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