9 things that I learned today at host work

1.I can pretend to be host for 8 hours without anybody noticing.
2.White truffle oil both tastes and smells like kerosene and putting it on fries is morally wrong.
3.I am not as averse to tomatoes as my host is. I ate half a cherry tomato today and it wasn't like, good, but it didn't make me feel sick.
4.Torching crème brûlée is so much fucking fun.
5.Making croutons is a lot harder if the bread isn't already a little bit stale. Restaurant bread is only good to eat if it is warm and there is butter.
6. If I hadn't already learned some kitchen speak before I went in, I would have been fucked. The language of the kitchen isn't English, Spanish, or even Spanglish. It's Kitchen.
7.Kitchen people are a little weird. I like it.
8.Cooks don't eat meals. They eat stray fries and mistakes.
9.Holy shit, I do NOT want to be a line cook. I like doing the prep part but fuuuck the service part and the working in close physical proximity.


Jack loved working in kitchens but we had 3 restaurants in a row fuck us on pay.

@nebula ugh we totally feel that. Last 2 places we worked gave us like half the hours they quoted us at time of hire. This one doesn't suck so far.

I mean more like missed paychecks, bounced paychecks, stealing tips (when we doubled as delivery)

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