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I don't think I've actually made an intro on here yet.

Hi. My name is Beyond and I'm part of Clovers. I'm a post-fictive, I'm a reaper, and I am 19 years old. I've been here the longest, aside from the host, and I recently became official co-host. It's a process. I hate socks and capitalism. I like weed, strawberries and magical girl anime. I do crossword puzzles and I want to learn how to draw. Maybe buy a ukelele. Not sure yet.

🅱️​ut anyway, hi. I'm 🅱️​eyond.

I forgot the word for 'retiring', and my brain decided the closest thing was 'going out of style'

medical discrimination? doctors being shit and refusing proper care?, implied accusations of prescription drug abuse?, idk how to warn for this 

I love having chronic pain, going to the doctor for a severe muscle spasm, and being implied to be drug-seeking for it ( :

"we don't have any controlled substances here" bitch did i ask?

this was said even before I asked for any medication, and all I wanted was a shot of Toradol, which she refused me because she deemed me to not be in enough pain ( :

~ 🐇

I wonder if anyone out there has a P. Diddy factive... and therefore wakes up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy 🅱️​

Anyone know any 'antagonist/villain' fictive/kin servers or spaces that aren't run by edgy teenagers? I need people to talk to, but I'm dealing with some dark shit over the next month. I need someone to talk to. -B

I found a Death Note throw blanket from a Hot Topic circa 2007 while unpacking. This object has so much power, I don't know what to do with it.

shit, i had a tube of salt and vinegar pringles and that literally was just a tube of pain, because pringles will slice up your mouth too

still finished it in 5 minutes tho

*at a job interview*
"what would you say is your biggest weakness?"
"oh probably my unquenchable desire to witness the fall of global capitalism within my lifetime"

Ohio launched a website where employers can report workers who refuse to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

So this hacker made a script that fills the website with junk data in an attempt to make it useless.

Meet Kelly Fonseca, he is about to understand what is the true potential of human depravity as his neighbor calmly applies pomade to his pork chops... in The Twilight Zone.

because an average, decrepit iguana is about to discover that he is in fact a burlesque dancer... in the Twilight Zone.

since an average, disoriented monk is about to discover that he is in fact head chef... in the Twilight Zone.

lewd, but about plants 

You ever think about how Spring is just ​Fuck Time for the plants? You go outside for even a minute and BAM. Dandy Lion Orgy. Spring is wild.

because two eccentric short order cooks fighting over a handkerchief are about to discover the true meaning of faithfulness... in the Twilight Zone.

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