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I don't think I've actually made an intro on here yet.

Hi. My name is Beyond and I'm part of Clovers. I'm a post-fictive, I'm a reaper, and I am 19 years old. I've been here the longest, aside from the host, and I recently became official co-host. It's a process. I hate socks and capitalism. I like weed, strawberries and magical girl anime. I do crossword puzzles and I want to learn how to draw. Maybe buy a ukelele. Not sure yet.

🅱️​ut anyway, hi. I'm 🅱️​eyond.

Okay will someone tell me what the fuck kind of salad this even is

Oh so when *you* do it, it's called a party, but when *I* do it, it's called a felony confetti incident

attack on alc culture 

What if there was a shark movie called 'Card Sharks' where there were sharks trapped in cards and then they come out and eat people?

id like to introduce you all to our mascot here at cryptid industries

her name is sherma and she's a beautiful shorse, which my scientists have reliably informed me is something Which Does Not Exist, therefore, we have adopted her and will love her forever

i like how doctor cox is used in scrubs to express that its always in a doctors best interest to go behind the bureaucratic, classist system of medicine to help people.

Schizoaffective? More like SchizoaFICTIVE, am I right?

psychosis things? 

trauma mention 

Inside you there's a fox, a hen, and a sack of grain

Okay, so I was thinking
What the hell is with the Black Eyed Peas? Like, what even was that?

ICE Raids - Last Minute Reminder - Keep People Safe If You Can 

me: My last name is so embarrassing, I hate it.
me, 3 seconds later: I NEED this 'Happy Birthday' mug, without it I cannot be a happy Birthday.

There are no words in any language on this planet to describe how little I care about Tom Brady.


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