Support trans women even if you find them personally disagreeable or icky

This shit is life or death for us

🦋​ disqordia might or might not continue existing before long. our main account might come back here or go somewhere else, will keep followers updated.

I'll never forgive the people who did all this to this poor girl, both the fascists and the so-called "leftists"

trans person in need 

Please help my best friend they really need anything they can get, please share
@DangerDyke @monorail @haskal I know they can't see this but in case they are viewing my profile or you want to screen this for them or something, but I'd genuinely like to know what I did that was so bad to warrant blocking and being harassed to the extent of going after my friends too.

Please, if I did something I want to be held accountable for it and apologize instead of having this continue to drag on when I have no animosity towards Mastodon. You can even address it over email at

My federation and instance blocks have changed to hopefully meet their expectations, and I'm a hard working trans woman leftist and activist who has more in common with yall than you gaslight me for.

You can also just block me and move on with your lives too, that's fine I totally understand. But yall go after me, yall harass and excommunicate my friends who are completely wholesome, it's gotta stop.

there was some terf post going around twitter that was about "bodies that traditionally produce testosterone" but little do they know literally all animal bodies except sponges produce testosterone. a literal sea sponge is now the terf definition of a woman lmao

❄ my version of "autism awareness": y'all heard of the Judge Rotenberg Center?
❄ well, we may have lost two days but unsilenced us, yay, we are visible again, anyone on plural cafe who wasn't following us and somehow still sees this

shoutout to anarchist hacker girls and enbies, easily my favourite genders


🌺 ever make out with an introject of yourself in another system?

❄️​ we will still use this account but we have been more defaulting to if you want to follow us there too

violence towards nazis 

fun fact: one time a bunch of nazis came to a bolt thrower show and started fucking with people and doing nazi shit so the lead singer literally jumped off the stage and beat the fuck out of them with a baseball bat

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musicians have all the right ideas:

- cables and connectors are all big and chonky
- things are built to last more then like 5 years at most
- innovation is actually cool and interesting new features for stuff instead of just cramming as many processors and microphones into something as you can justify so it can spy on you more
- if something is popular they keep making it exactly the same for decades and decades

eevees ordered in a rainbow 

:sylveon: :flareon: :eevee: :jolteon: :leafeon: :vaporeon: :glaceon: :espeon: :umbreon:

❄️ the girl who went all the way to the kitchen and didn't get the thing she went for, part IV

🌸​ we used to be on a pleroma instance and it was such a better interface than mastodon, but apparently most of the instances that use it are nazis??? Wish we knew of a good one that still exists and accepts new people.

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