plurality question re walk-ins, :boost_ok: 

What sorts of things have helped walk-ins with no memories of where they're from get some memories back?

re: plurality question re walk-ins 

@certifiedsystem If they don't have a known source, it might help to look at their traits and/or appearance when they showed up to see if that gives any clues about where they might be from or what sort of culture they lived in, then explore from whatever you can figure out. Trust their gut impulses.

If they have a suspected or known source, engaging with that source can help- just use caution if it might cause distress.

re: plurality question re walk-ins 

@candlebrae Thank you! We've got a little bit of that, but not a lot.

I think one of the things as well is he's picked up a few bits and pieces but it's all very conceptual, and the lack of any visual memory besides what he looks like has probably been throwing us off a little bit, making us feel a bit more uncertain about... idk, just generally uncertain I guess.

But you've managed to remind us that the conceptual memories are still memories, and we've got a wee bit more than we realised, which is awesome :)

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