feeling restless today. i should do something useful 🌰​

well, i guess we should add correlated emojis so people can more easily tell who is speaking

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It's more tiring than expected to make compromises frequently so that we can all manage. It's interesting, because while we're similar in some ways, we're very much different people. We were talking to a median system the other day, and they felt their system members were more facets of themselves, which would make C and I frustrated if it were stated about us. ^^

I haven't fronted in quite a while. It's not so bad as I remember. I keep ending up getting different snacks throughout the day so the other system members are happy with what we eat, though. Haha. - Yuu

I should also add: if anyone here knows us from Twitter, we're @ tacotownfool

Gabe was nervous about really having us be out and a system account on there, so you'll probably see us talking more openly here.

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I guess we should do a system introduction on here, since we're new to this instance!

I'm Masahiko, and you can call me Masa for short. I'm in a system with three others: Gabe, Yuu, and C. We're a system of male aligned n.b ppl and guys, n.b and non n.b (? hard to say, some of us are still figuring out if we're binary guys or not). He/him is good for all of us. You may see some of us using they/them for each other, but please refrain unless we say it is ok, or if it is me.

Our body is mixed race (japanese-latinx/white) and 17.

I hope this introduction is helpful, and we hope to be talking on here more soon. :)

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