Wordle 217 5/6


horny, stupid, medical 

awkward times to confirm a suspected kink: coming home hard after an appointment with a very welcoming and kind phlebotomist

mental health talk, clinical, psychiatrists can do nothing but theorize us 

oooh so theres a theory that DID is a form of dissociative schizophrenia... this would explain a lot of gaps in research, and endo-exclusionists would have to sit down because if thats the case, no trauma is *not* needed to be a system. if i can find a free copy of the book that goes over it im going to read it for sure. trauma can make schizophrenia present very early, and psychosis itself is traumatic so there you go, but it doesnt need to be triggered to be early onset. i know for a fact my system's schizophrenic symptoms presented when we were very young and it went unaddressed until our early teens.

gender neutral terms that make me feel uwu



Wordle 216 4/6


plural folk are cool

non human folk are cool

trans folk are cool

6 weeks on T be like: yeah everyone in the office is freezing and wearing their winter coats at the desk and i have to strip down to my tanktop just to function


Wordle 215 5/6


horny, dumb 

im trying to not be horny 24/7 because im pretty sure that getting off less often can improve things but also i picked a bad time to make this decision because second puberty is kicking my ass

the gender of the day is trying to force change and denying its importance

redditor talk 

its not a porn sub and they dont allow porn so really theres not much reason to flag sex talk in r/sex

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redditor talk 

its really funny to me when someone goes into r/sex and puts "18+" or "nsfw" in the title... baby the whole sub is about nsfw where do you think you are


one of the words i used to guess was one that i did not think was in the word list.. so now i have new ammo when im stuck
Wordle 214 4/6


us: capitalism is bad
us playing stardew valley: heehoo ancient fruit makes big number go up


companies really throw around money like everything is fake and i wish i could do that but im not making enough money to afford rent even with a 9-5 and the occasional killer overtime (and im not using "killer" lightly, me and 3 other workers in this office almost died in 2021)


i think we're getting better at this
Wordle 213 4/6


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