i dont have a gender of the day post today i just have lots of fang dysmorphia bc i want to have a felid dental structure

some days i feel my it/its pronouns more than others and today sure is one of those days. apparently the headspace was a mess yesterday but i wasnt around so... alright... ive learned my lesson from last year's overtime season and im just gonna let this work itself out instead of force it

mental health 

ah yes i love when the delusions hit while im stuck in my office /s

mental health, joke reference to something that happened to me 

the gender of the day is forgetting your diagnosis of dissociative amnesia

1. Put brain in bowl.
2. Shake it like it's one of those ice cream making balls.
3. Profit?

im working on learning kanji and for some reason my brain decided that 彼ら now means "the boys" instead of generic "they" so i can remember the kanji 彼

the cool one on etsy unfortunately says "its a boy" and im just nonbinary so while i love that design i dont want it...

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the gender of the day is wanting to start collecting hrt needle pins despite not being able to start T yet

having alters who dont front much and change forms often is like:
*steals fictional appearance* *steals fictional appearance* *steals fictional appe-i


something happened today and every time i think i can think about it again i start to cry. it was a good thing but i dont understand how to process or even name the emotion, i can skip over that part of the thing but once i try to focus on that i start crying. its weird. ive never been one of the crying alters, i thought someone else was in the co-con at first.

okay that legend of zelda trailer was all i needed im a happy gamer again

todays gender is reverance for the celebration of bodies

Malewife? No haha you misheard me this is my whalewife, forever bound to me as we wander the endless oceans

todays gender is a swarm of bees but actually theyre just funny shaped marshmallows

🌸 I can add marshmallows to any cereal and there is no power in the world that can stop me

whats it like being an amab alter in an afab body? first, i forget what the body actually looks like. next, i walk by a mirror and get utterly confused by my fat tits. im transfem in the headspace so this is fine by me but it drives the transmasc host nuts sometimes lmao (we're all nonbinary just variety flavors)

I will wrestle Todd Howard to the ground like a wounded deer

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