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I run this account really disorganized because i am on social media to have a good time and shout my opinions sometimes. there are days i am more or less active, but my system generally does not sign off on which alter is making posts. this is probably really lackluster for a pinned post and i may remake it later, but for now this should work right?

as my profile bio says, im an anarcho-buddhist, loudly insane, and my gender and sexuality are both messy and confusing but i am transmasculine and make posts about that too

mental health, positive 

i made it out of the 20 hour shift without having a psychotic episode. i think thats the first time in the 5 years ive been working there that ive ever managed to not go insane by the end of the night.

i have my internalized ableism of "okay so im normal, not worth being proud of" BUT considering the state of my brain i think i can be very proud of this

sometimes i feel like i latched onto the transmasc label more because of how much i hate how baby "enby" sounds and people dont stop typing it to refer to all nonbinary people. even n.b. would be better.

13 hours into my 20 hour shift and i tried mixing hot coffee and coca cola.

im now 14 hours in and while i must say that was disgusting and im never doing that again, the caffeine potion absolutely worked

Psychomatic responses are STILL physiological responses.

It's wild how people will dismiss issues that are "all in your head" when that thing in your head; the place where the "you" lives, the thing that controls literally every single function within your body; is causing problems.

Mind-body dualism is a hell of a drug.

Whats your least favorite acronym? For me its FWIW because im a dumbass and keep reading "for where it whatters" and i KNOW im wrong

Saying audiobooks isn’t reading is just straight ableism

shenanigans, maybe kink?, also weed 

my ex supervisor gifted me an electric fly swatter, so of course i had to use it. on myself. it gave me such a big rush that about a half hour later i had anxiety lmao... electro kink unlocked

in the same day i got a new weed vape so i can have something faster acting/lesser lasting than edibles and i took 2 hits to calm down, i slept like a baby. Eventful evening.

Me: *explains how I feel about something with nuance*
My gf, who had said the same thing weeks ago and whoever was fronting disagreed: 🤦‍♀️​

asking for job advice, my goal is related to supporting protests 

im going to get into the medical field via phlebotomy, and likely EKG as well. i cant handle school and work at the same time due to my disabilities. are there any paths i can take to becoming able to function as a street medic? the two certificates im aiming for right now arent useful for street medic training, i dont think, but is it practical to get first responder training when i do not want to be an EMT for my career?

For any kind of chemical contamination, the only two substances which are acceptable to use as eyewash are water and saline.

Posting this because a lot of people still suggest milk and antacid solution, and those people are fucking up.

sorry, don't be bigoted around me. I'm phobephobic

catboy who bites his gf's hand if she puts it in his face, gf who does it anyway bc she thinks it's cute when he does

you're telling me a bubble milked this tea?

imagine if everyone's avatar had a talk animation so we could have posts show up like a retro video game dialogue box w/ the person talking & their text typing out

i just got a call from a number looking for a robert and my first response was "theres no robert here" lmao i think im gonna answer all wrong numbers like that from now on

If you cross a picket line the Ghost of Billy Bragg comes to your house, fucks your wife and punches you in the nuts

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