re: horrible food i am not sorry 

it was actually so good i wanted another but im full

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wait is this why i remember deltarune better than undertale? i did not realize i had spent so much time in it... starting chapter 2 now

horrible food i am not sorry 

im going to make a cheeseburger with cookies for buns today. im in one of my gremlin ass moods

the only reason i havent eaten jalepanos with chocolate syrup yet today is i have a doc appt

i am craving hot sauce and ice cream

i have one very sane and normal friend (like... i would definitely describe her as plain lol) and she listens to me and doesnt make me feel ashamed despite not having any similar problems and i did not realize how badly i needed to just hang out with a friend with different experiences who shows interest in my plight without treating me like im fucked. it was nice.

mental health, musing 

what if i rebrand how i handle my psychosis and instead of being scared of it i start making friends with the glitchy frogs.. it wont make me better but maybe i can cope


🌙 periodic reminder that there is absolutely zero reason for mobility devices to cost as much as they do, especially when disabled people are historically significantly poorer then our abled peers

When you set the vape too high and get euphoria from how coughing up a lung made your voice deeper

mental health, system talk, failures of the psychiatric medical field 

okay, so, the psyche appointment we needed? went bad. it upset ruth a lot. but honestly, we did not learn anything we didnt already know with the exception of that aedh probably isn't sociopathic, its probably schizoid.

because my whole system is on the schizo spectrum. the notes that the doctor have on the report made me look into it because she called ruth 'schizotypal' and maybe?? but really he's just autistic and was trying really hard to get across that other alters hallucinate, and he has keen awareness when it's not real.

it wasnt a total waste because the resulting breakdown ruth had of being told yet again that we shouldnt be capable of working made him come out as trans to our dad and thats a huge stress taken off my shoulder, honestly

im officially out as transgender to my dad i can start HRT guilt free now

-being skeptical of the US government, good ✔️
-being aware of the dark aspects of the history of medicine in the United States, good ✔️
-perpetuating a global pandemic which has killed millions because you don't like being told what to do, bad ❌

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system talk, screenshots of birdapp, my own priv account 

ruth is in full body control this morning and im just here for the ride

12 foot tall Home Depot skeleton

riding a

16 foot tall Home Depot horse skelton

how tf do i come out to boomers as 'genderfluid' to cover being nonbinary

guess who hasnt slept well in a couple days despite being fuckin exhausted lol

saw some farm animals yesterday and wow i really am too city to not be super hype when i see farm animals... love them

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