Giant Eevee going through a car wash for super size brushies

anime, fanfic promo 

i actually got a fic out on time for kyoujuro week 2021 lmao ive been struggling to write lately but this 👌👌 it is rated T !!

system talk, memes about mh to cope 

having DID is like "lets see how many sentient worms we can cram in one skull"

system talk, fictives 

found a fucking animorphs fictive who actually has been influencing us for years but we never noticed bc it doesnt speak (its tobias and only in hawk form so far)

jp toot (idk how to specify lang on toots but this is an eng instance) 


re: system talk, mania 

i might let them drink the hot sauce if it keeps up tomorrow

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re: system talk, mania 

this is all because of a medical issue the body has, tomorrow is gonna be the 8th straight day of mind searing pain if this keeps up and i think we've just about had it

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system talk, mania 

when your fight mode host starts having a manic episode and you have to root the body in place to stop them from drowning the body in hot sauce
-Akz, tired of Jay's shit rn

tarot reference 

im really having a cups day and watching everyone else have swords

The common pond-hawk is a species of dragonfly.
The Japanese swallow is a species of angelfish.
The green mango is a species of hummingbird.
#RandomFacts #animals #language

system talk, incorrect silverware usage 

I dont remember a whole lot of yesterday but at some point Akaza got us and our gf forks to eat pudding, and Jade switched in a little after and went "what the fuck is wrong with him"

necrozma is the vriska of pokemon legendaries

send trill

Birds from today, thread! I saw so many today... each bird is gonna get their own post! Lets start out with...

Gray Catbird! This guy wasn’t afraid of me at all and let me get some good photos! I love Catbirds so much, their bluish gray colors are just beautiful.

me: huh i wonder what smells so nice at this spot in the park

the honeysuckle three feet away (toxic species to humas):

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