What are people's favorite RSS feeds? Any topic whatsoever (niche topics welcomed!).
We're looking for more feeds to replace browsing the hell that is Reddit for interesting information.

@candlebrae not exactly a feed, but have you heard of RSS Discovery Engine?

Blogpost about it by its author:

Just plug any website there, it will pull the RSS of it, and then pull RSS feeds of websites directly linked from the articles.

Very neat, I feel. :blobcoffee:

@rysiek Haven't heard of it before- this is cool! Might have to plug our favorites in and see what we can find.

@WanderingBeekeeper Ooo, thank you!
Curious- have you heard of Lowering The Bar? Entertaining/interesting feed about questionable legal cases and lawyers.

@candlebrae I have not. Other than Techdirt, I follow Boing Boing, Democracy Now, and Atlas Obscura, and that fills up my attentional slots for daily input.

@candlebrae We do Al Jazeera on RSS. Quick rundown of most of the major poop going on in the world that in the US we don't usually see in our news media.

@thecrisses That's a good thing to have. US news tends to miss a lot from what we've seen.

@candlebrae hahah "Miss" :) like it's an accident.


@candlebrae so I guess reddit rss feeds are a no... :)

@epoch We have a handful of subreddits we're carrying over as feeds, but for the most part we're looking for other feeds right now.

@epoch Sure! Think we can get that working. All else fails, always looking for more blogs or things to read over gemini since it's hard for us to find interesting things so far.

@izaya These are great, thank you! Space and computers :D

@emacsomancer 👀 Sci-fi topography? Guess I know what feed we're binging tonight.

@candlebrae this one is typography; though sci-fi topography would be cool too

@emacsomancer Oh whoops, typo on our part. One of the rare ones that changes the meaning! Did mean "typography," though topography would also be interesting.

@emacsomancer ...Did the word "typo" come from "typography?" Hm.

@candlebrae guessed as much. now I'm wondering about sci-fi topography blogs.

@candlebrae Ummm... That's going to take a while to export.

RSS feeds of interest 


A Page From Heavy Metal, Every Day:
Retrospective of the long-running adult comics anthology

The Comics Curmudgeon
Snarky analysis of modern newspaper comics

The Digital Antiquarian
Deep-dive history into the computer-games industry, with a particular focus on interactive fiction

The CRPG Addict
Long-form lets-plays and analysis of computer RPGs, mostly retro

The Far Side
Bizarre single-panel comic from the 1980s.

You're All Just Jealous of my Jetpack
Tom Gauld's cartoons; common themes include books and science

Youtube RSS Extractor
Youtube has native RSS support for channels and playlists, they just don't tell you about it. This website converts Youtube URLs to RSS.

@candlebrae I like thenextweb.com/feeds and feeds.howtogeek.com. There are probably some others that I haven't subscribed to yet, if they come to mind I'll suggest them!

My Privacy is None of Your Business - "noyb uses best practices from consumer rights groups, privacy activists, hackers, and legal tech initiatives and merges them into a stable European enforcement platform..."
https://noyb.eu/en - they have RSS feed on the right
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