Daydream art, plurality and daydreams 

We've been drawing scenes from our daydreams/paracosm lately, mostly centered around one character we've been following for a bit. It's fantastic background practice and more motivating than most things because it has a story behind it (and ties in pretty deeply to some plural things, as well as processing daily life through narratives). We are working on writing out the history and events of our paracosm, but it's a long process.

Plurality and daydreams 

Short explanation of how this ties into plural things: when we watch some characters for long enough and focus on their story, they have a tendency to gradually become sentient, and they can be interacted with as people instead of puppets at that point. Some of them can front if we tell them there's an outside world and they want to experience it. Others choose not to front and stay in the daydream world, usually in important positions that keep the world running smoothly. We consider them their own type of brainmates because they're definitely sentient, but they feel and function differently than the rest of us.

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