hey yo just fyi it's possible to be bigoted towards yourself and it's not cool or edgy it's actually shit

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So some advice:

If someone expresses discomfort about how they feel in their own body, do not tell them to not change their body.

And if someone expresses discomfort about how society views their body, do NOT advice them on how to change their body, unless they specifically ask for that kind of advice.

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Transition includes deciding that our body is ours to control, but also deciding what we change for ourselves.

I’ve expressed discomfort several times about the way society associates baldness with maleness. Every time I did, at least one trans person has advice me to just start taking some extra medication if I start going bald.

That’s pretty unnerving to me. If society has a problem, I shouldn’t be the one solving it by committing myself to more lifelong medication and becoming invisible.

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In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, the band thing is a metaphor. We're plural.

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So, I'm supposed to do this thing, huh.

Hello, my name is Eve (she/her), and I am the frontman of our little band of four, Cadence. I'm a 28 year old trans woman, demisex, and I'm mostly interested in animation, video games (Indies for life), and both cute shit, and macabre shit. I also love synthwave and industrial music - Perturbator is my aesthetic -, chiptunes, and J-pop.

Unfortunately, due to the craptastic world we live in, roughly 95% of my Twitter feed is politics, and I have no doubt this feed is going to end up the same.

I'm sure the others will introduce themselves when they feel like it, but they're Avalon (she/her), Sage (they/them), and Sang (he/him).

It's always gonna be me posting, unless noted otherwise; they're not a fan of fronting.

It's nice to ... sort of meet y'all.

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