Hi everyone it's been a hot minute !!! Pls give us other systems to follow so our feed is active!

♠️ I suppose this is the best emoji for now. Hm.

♠️ I can't find an emoji for myself, but hello. I'm Bella Cullen. I'm aware my media source is problematic. Please don't remind me.

🔮 Jeepers, it's been a moment since we posted! Hello, I'm Alice Cullen.

🌃 Myrin demands we just watch the great British baking show and it's obnoxious

🐮 a friend wants to do our nails for like, 10 bucks I'm pumped

🧁 we're doing a lot of divination stuff if anyone wants a reading or scry or something else. just tryna get our lil side hustle off the ground, so it's dirt cheap rn. paypal and venmo atm, working on zelle. hit us up???

🐮 my tire is flat and it's gonna take over an hour to fix and the day will end up being ruined because we won't have any time to hang out and I might as well kms

🐮 we're going to the movies todayyyyy i'm excited to eat as much popcorn as possible

💛 hi we're the buddy system and we love our dog

Remembering that classic moment when the musician Prince created a symbol for himself that is a combination of the symbols for male and female, and literally sang "I'm not a woman; I'm not a man. I am something that you'll never understand." and The Cis were still like "what a man!"

good: using y'all to refer to a group of people

better: using y'all to refer to a plural system

best: using all y'all to refer to several plural aystems

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