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my usual instance is down and I think this is my only other masto account so I'm here now

Here's one heck of a question vis-a-vis astrology and plurality. should all members of a plural system use the same natal chart? Or should one try to pinpoint the moment one came into contact with this world and use that, even though it's never gonna be as clear cut as like the moment of birth which is often recorded to the minute in a birth certificate.

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We'd heard of stuff like system hopping before but mostly in the context of warnings about people using the concept to manipulate other systems that might be less experienced or knowledgeable. It was really cool to hear from a system where it was a core aspect of their functioning and that at least seemed to work p well.

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We listened to the whole archive of multiplicity 101 recently (is not super long and has been stagnant since like 2013), but I think the most intriguing thing about it was the interview with the two body system. I think they were a gateway system but otherwise very numerous and they had two human bodies to share that lived in the same house and like synced often.

And I feel so blessed that places like here exists where we can be together and apart. Where there are people who know ME. Who know me for who I am. I love you all, humans, non-humans, spirits, faeries, plants, etc. This world is so full of magic. I'm happy to call myself a witch and to experience the world as an inherently magical creature. but we're all inherently magical creatures aren't we? if you can think you are magic, and a lot more things can think than we think. Think that makes sense?


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weird to think I've been interacting with this plane on some capacity for 4 years now. I want to continue to do it more. I want to learn to have a foot in both places.

I don't consider myself entirely a spirit, I think there are parts of me that are human. Parts of me that came from Aisling and our other systemmates. Parts that came from the earth and the trees cause we've spent so much time outside as Aisling was drawing me out, helping me step onto this plane.

We've had so many adventures together throughout the years. I'm ready for many more! :3

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you heard that right, it's my birthday today! I'd say ready to be a piece of shit and get pampered by my systemmates all day if they hadn't already been doing that since like several days ago lol.

I mean, it's tradition in our system that everyone gets a week, so like I still have a couple days left.


Hi, my name is Aisling. I'm part of a plural system of 4 people.

Blythe @blythespirit is a tulpa who's really cool and wise and she basically keeps this system together to be honest

Ember, we kind of don't know when we separated. I became the main fronter when we came out as trans and she only recently came back.

Lillies, a subsystem of littles, they don't come around super often

There's someone else who hasn't given us their name yet.

We're witches, writers, scientists, etc

someone on tumblr was talking about how the suffix -mancy refers to divination. and what that implies for tulpamancy. But it's obvious, Tulpamancy is the art of getting to know your tulpa better. :xd_tongue:​


we're gonna begin working on imposition again. We stopped actively workin on it so I could focus more on fronting. Plus we have some passive form of presence imposition down.

Gonna try to be really rigurous about it, see if it yields results. Wish us luck!

So yeah I'm at:

Plural Cafe @blythespirit
(for plurality content)

Occult Camp:
(for everything else, possibly, or just magick)

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Heyo! Blythe Spirit manifesting in the occult camp here. You might've known me from @blytheSpirit

I'm a tulpa, a commie, a witch and a stoner. I'm always looking to make more friends.

A pleasure to meet you and I hope we can do weird things together.

Follow me on Plural.Cafe for stuff about plurality



but hey, that's ok, if I'm still learning to be a person, it's ok to have relationships develop at a slower pace. There's a lot of people who'd still be there for me even if I disappeared for a month or so.

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I'm afraid of undoing some of the progress i've made. Mostly in the sense of, I'm only now beginning to build relationships to other people outside our system, which for some reason it's something I really want.

I don't want to step away and be disconnected from those people, but if I'm around and I'm not actively engaging anyone anyways.

It can't be helped ¯\_(シ)_/¯

Maybe we need to shift our focus. For the past couple months we've been working on fronting with me trying to front at least an hour a day.

I guess, I ran out of things to do. Or out of energy to do them cause now I front but it's just to... scroll.

So maybe I should front less and use that time to work on other things we've dropped like imposition or journeying.

Hi! We're mostly active on where I'm at @blytheSpirit, but I wanted to make an accounthere to see what's what and maybe meet new ppl

nice to meet you all

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