well, despite the best efforts of Chara and Asriel, who pushed through several hours of #Deltarune Chapter One yesterday (and reached the fight with the Jevil, which none of us have ever seen before), I do not feel better about returning to the game for my own stream.

#Deltarune...messes with us. there's no way round it.

so, I will simply move on to the next game I was planning on streaming, which is the visual novels "Cinders", an astute reimagination of the story of Cinderella.


Aisling: So otherkin as a concept is also having a Saturn return

The earliest recorded use of the word "otherkin" for people who identify as other than human was July 9, 1990 in the Elfinkind Digest mailing list. Yesterday was July 9, 2020, so that word was coined exactly 30 years ago! Happy belated Otherkin Day!

Source, where you can read about the history of it: frameacloud.com/nonfiction/oth

#otherkin #AlterHuman

plural.cafe updates today:

just getting some tiny little custom touches in. made :ah_treblesand:​ the favicon and changed the default avatar to this (which is basically a redraw of :ah_plural:​)

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