an update on our situation, for those interested - advice welcome 

additional notes: we are extremely poor, not working, and will likely not be able to find work in the period between now and then but do have the support of at least one parent and may be able to recieve very minor financial support that way

🦊 hi folks would anyone have first-time moving tips ? we will need to move in roughly three months time or possibly earlier and have only ever moved once very suddenly so anything is appreciated

🦊 hi folks, it seems mastodon doesnt really allow for account recovery so I'll be using belial's account until further notice (as we had planned before but never actually happened because of nerves)
nerves are still a thing also, so you can just refer to me as 🦊 or "fox" for now

who changed belial's display name to "belial and friends" did he do that??? did I do that??? when did that change

uhhh talk of trans-related legal frustrations? idk how to label this 

rec me active instances with good folks i wanna meet more people

it is absolutely necessary to curl up with your buds for comfort on a regular basis

gonna complain about how tired i am till the cows come home 

its been a long day already and we've been up for less than an hour

took us like 20 minutes this morning to figure out whos front but its all cool

belial has always been ok with us using his account but we were too nervous to,,,, but making just the display name more open makes us feel better about it
- 💐

Im bored and sometimes when belial isnt around that means making posts on his account instead of my own account on a different instance so hi plural cafe I hope you're all having a nice day

overall positive, identity stuff 

general negative? 

even if i dont actually post anything here ive decided to say good morning whenever i remember to

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