gender, misgendering?, dysphoria? 

minecraft is a good time i get why everyone likes it so much

dont remember what we had for lunch yesterday but we do remember a family guy clip we saw almost 10 years ago so hows that for spotty memory

man i think i mighta hurt someones feelings just for relaying important communication-related info and that was like, the last thing i wanted to do there 😩 but it was important stuff yknow?

thinking on it im like the only one of us who uses emojis much cause cerb thinks the text ones are cuter and archer is too ~cool and stoic~ lol

ended up getting food but im not paying for it so ✌

aw i really want fast food but i really shouldnt 😩

just remembered i can play more second life i gotta check out a sim i found recently. 80s synth stuff seems like a real nice aesthetic and the sim itself seems real gay

woke up fronting for no reason i dont think i even intended on fronting today at all but i'll definitely take it

yknow i love being up front but like.. also... dont exactly wanna hog it or anything 😬 especially since host has been fronting way less and like, im more than happy to give him a break but he has responsibilities and especially partners that wanna see him (and im sure he wants to see in turn lol)

confirming myself as a main fronter along with the host lol i just love knowing whats goin on

man its time to chill. who has secondlife i wanna hang

is anyone aware of. if its possible to have multiple accounts with the same contact email?
- nier.

i am a little bit nervous about using this account but i am also hesitant to make my own,,, belial said i could use it though, so here i am
- nier.

its take over beli's account hour (or more like 15 minutes we will probably be busy with something or another shortly)

I'm in charge of chores. he's said as much and I agree.

belial always takes such good care of us (even if he doesnt do much in the way of chores. thats ok though)

hehe time to leave gay posts on belial's account again I love u so much beli 💖💖💖

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