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intro post! since we're all using this account now
- Belial is the account owner, if posts are unmarked by a signature emote at the beginning or end it'll likely be his
- 🦊 Sionnach (also responds to any other translation of "fox") is myself, I'll be here often too. I play the role of host and main fronter

if anyone wants to be added here later we'll redraft this

hi ❤ havent been around but we've been chillin trying to move out etc etc but if anybody has twitter im on there way more @hellvibez666 and u can follow me if u want

excuse me. would anyone here have advice on dealing with symptoms of physical numbness as a response of emotional distress? I have tried looking it up myself, but I'm not sure how to play the search engine right, so to speak.
- Archer.

things we're learning:
we're blurry more often than we think (and thats ok)
theres prob more of us than we think (and thats also ok)
our communication is pretty piss-poor a lot of the time (smth to work on)
and this one is personal but my existance is kinda fucked up

tbh i think we've been a lil blurry all day and we're learning thats just part of the experience n its just fine

like this is what we're gonna be spending our free time on this week. its rly good

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just in case anyone was curious abt the plural events conference goin on rn, we've seen part of two panels and just went back to watch the keynote panel but we'd highly recommend it its super super good

re: long, dunno if this dream is real or not 

if he is real hes been around for a while. like years a while, longer than i've been around at least.. i think i knew other stuff abt him but now i cant remember

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long, dunno if this dream is real or not 

so last night i dreamt abt someone in our system that felt so familiar, like we knew each other, we had a brief convo abt gender right before we woke up, and in my dream i knew things abt him that im not sure why i knew but like. now i cant even figure out if hes real cause i dont remember knowing of anyone like that in our system. but dreams have been a way to communicate in the past even if just a little (hell, the reason we realized *i* was around was cause i started 'fronting' in the middle of a dream) so im not sure how to take this

trans musings, mention of surgery 

we both want top surgery which is convenient but he wants to keep our soft young-looking face but i want to look our age with a sharper jawline n such, so hes less for going on T for any more than necessary to get top surgery but i kinda wanna try going on it for longer than that

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when u n ur cohost have very different styles and desires for how they want the body to look
theres no joke here thats just whats happenin lately

@clovers since u were asking abt it wanted to make sure u saw it ❤

Show thread k heres the link yall play nice n remember this is 18+ just cause i dont feel like tryin to moderate kids at our big age

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so i did in fact make a server for villain or antagonist character fictives/kin/etc, its pretty casual and also 18+ so if anybody's interested hmu for a link

i just want this boy to text me back im trying to flirt w/ him but its hard when we dont talk that much anymore 😭 hes prolly just busy but damn

today is my birthday ✨❤🎉
which is weird cause like. we collectively arent any older. the body's birthday was months ago. but i, in all technicality, am a year older even if im technically also ageless somehow just cause thats how brains and fiction-turned-not works sometimes

just lookin for some validation here but other folks have issues w/ bein addressed as just one person irl too right? thats not like a weird thing, its somethin lots of systems struggle with to various degrees

spent 2(?) weeks away from front to rest and now that Im back all I get is generalized anxiety disorder 🦊

how are we feeling about existing as individuals tonight folks

i do love getting angry and saying discourse words on twitter sometimes 🤗❤

i blow fox a kiss mwah mwah 😘 he wont see this for like a week lol

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