People who let their phone make any sounds whatsoever: wyd

@brant we're plural, so our inner monologue as it were is actually kind of a terrible messy dialogue and sometimes happens without whoever is driving the body knowing anyone else is talking. Or everyone is talking at once and we forget we have to control the body and just. Dissociate into space while more important things are happening inside the skull.

Traumagenics, endogenics, tulpas, quoigenics, etc... you are all valid and we love you.
Unless you’re an exclusionist. Then we won’t love you. But everyone else? Just fine.

trans thoughts, clarification 

its really quite astonishing how many allies are willing to misgender someone purely because they don't like them, in the same breath that they demand respect for their existence.

what was that old quote? "If you don't respect my authority, I won't respect you as a person?" 🤔 seems like youre just being a cop.

@nova we call this executive dysfunction at our house it's a mood


Why are there Build-A-Bear Workshops and not Make-A-Monster Workshops?

I want to create a plushie where I get to decide how many limbs, tentacle, wings, and eyes it has please.

plurality shitpost 

That little 'click' of relief when you positively identify who's fronting boost if u agree

re: Misophonia 

Day 3 on t: is this the t working or is this just the experience of being alive

i put off a lot of things that i know only take like a minute

saw a large yellow dumpster with “TRASH DADDY” painted on the side and i thought u all would like it

i was driving so i couldn’t snap a picture but i hope your can picture it

@Excuse_haver we have an incredibly hard time cracking eggs cause of hand issues so we kept bacon lolol

speaking of which: i've asked siri what gender siri is and the answer was no gender. siri is agender confirmed ✅

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If your pronouns are sometimes or always "they", please fill in this short survey. :)

(It's short in terms of not many questions and they're quite easy with many checkboxes, and also short as in it closes on Sunday 23rd Feb 2020!)

#pronouns #nonbinary

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