im making a list to bring to a potential doctor to advocate for a hysto feel free to add/help 

the other stuff that depending on the doctor i might bring up/i wont bring up i need a "Proper" way of saying this:
it makes me dysphoric as hell
not having kids
i know my body better than you do
that history of pain in my family has been ignored for decades bc they are black women & thats on you & your people so tell me how youre going to fix it now bc youve hurt them irreparably for generations

so basically if anyone has navigated the american medical system in getting a hysterectomy and has tips (especially if youre black/a person of color) or want to point me in the direction of such id appreciate the hell out of it


@wenotfreeyet about to have a therapist appt but we did ours last winter season and have tips!

@audacity if youd like to message them to me at any point (no pressure on time), id appreciate them!

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