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ok so we might keep tweaking this thing but now you can ask us questions:


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Gonna see if I can pin this to my timeline properly so as people show up they can intro.

So I'm Visi. I'm 25, they/them. I do technical theatre, usually hair and makeup but I've been known to dabble in props n shit also, or costumes sometimes if nobody cares that I hate sergers. I'm a true crime nerd, pokemon go player, and all around human dumpster fire. I host, and do a lot of the day to day shit in the system. I'm here to meet new systems and make friends and such and like? Learn? idk. I've known about us for like 4-5 years now but I've never engaged in a meaningful way with the community as a host, even though some of the others (egg im calling u out) really wanna connect. So yeah. Whaddup guys?

ableism, internalised ableism 

it is really fucked up that ableism is shoved so deep into our society and our brains that *every single* disabled/mental ill person i know struggles with the 'am i just faking it all?' feeling

The vibe today is wow I love my new house but also holy fuck I hate unpacking my new house


Gender is now banned due to being a fire hazard.

A friendly reminder to drink some water

Anytime you feel tempted to complain about a transphobe on Twitter, boost three transition crowdfunds instead.

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Me: therapy during a pandemic is a terrible idea

Also me: I can't get through this without my therapist

school is such a hostile environment for anyone who isn't neurotyp cishet white

why aren't we changing this? it's obviously broken

Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

poll for plural systems, :boost_requested: 

Singlet friendo asked if it's common for systems to have kid members so:

Does your system contain one or more members that are most likely under the age of 15?

🚨 Please do not give advice to people if the advice will not apply to them!🚨

I know you can't always know if the advice will apply, (and be very careful giving advice if no one requested it), but just take a moment to think before you post:

Am I helping, or am I basically saying "I can't relate because my similar problem does not apply, BYE!!! 👋 "

i think it was obviously a good thing bc i woke up 3 hours ago just to say "Japan (Jean Nippon)" which i think is a masterpost, and then passed out

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Admin appreciation post 

Instance Admins and mods are braver than the troops.

Appreciate yours today

had enough of "material goods" I'll be filling my life with "material bads" from now on. Expending currency to purchase unpleasant things that make my life harder

"So," said the technician, "what seems to be the problem?"
"My batteries are drained much faster than normal."
"Ah. That's common these days."
"Is it a virus?"
"Input overload. Too much news to process."
"But I can't stop caring!"
"No. But care for yourself and limit your input."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

*slides into your DMs* sorry sorry oh shit oh fuck oh heckie *slides out the other side and tumbles down the stairs*

Rules of Mastodon:

1. Pronouns in bio
2. Use content warnings
3. Open the door
4. Get on the floor
5. Everybody walk the dinosaur

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