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Gonna see if I can pin this to my timeline properly so as people show up they can intro.

So I'm Visi. I'm 25, they/them. I do technical theatre, usually hair and makeup but I've been known to dabble in props n shit also, or costumes sometimes if nobody cares that I hate sergers. I'm a true crime nerd, pokemon go player, and all around human dumpster fire. I host, and do a lot of the day to day shit in the system. I'm here to meet new systems and make friends and such and like? Learn? idk. I've known about us for like 4-5 years now but I've never engaged in a meaningful way with the community as a host, even though some of the others (egg im calling u out) really wanna connect. So yeah. Whaddup guys?

Douglas Adams wrote about this conundrum. The Total Perspective Vortex is a machine, which, when used, you are given just one momentary glimpse of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation, and somewhere in it a tiny little marker, a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot, which says "You are here"

The shock alone instantly annihilates your brain. It's "the most savage psychic torture a sentient being can undergo". The Total Perspective Vortex proved one thing, "it proved conclusively that if life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot have is a sense of proportion."

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Our cat doesn't want us to sit on the sofa any more today so now we are next to her on the floor while she chews on her cardboard bed

when did you join mastodon?

Subtooting more entities that don't exist, MH (-) 

Hey trauma,

Why the fuck you just conveniently get forgotten about for like years and then show up like a shitty pop up book surprise


1/10 would not recommend

Thanks or whatever,
- egg

While I am subtooting people who don't go here 

Ok depression isn't a person but I would like to call it out anyway because I'm sick of this and I would like the happy brain chemicals now please


Can you subtoot someone who doesn't even go here???? 

There's this guy we know who always is weird to me but not to fin and I think it's cause I hold the trauma and so people get really weird about that and like idk he treats me different and im like ??? I still would like to participate in the memes even if I am one entire dumpster fire. Just cause I hate myself doesn't mean I can't have a normal conversation or something. Singlets stress me out sometimes.


Mh (-) 

Gotta love how depression just. Makes everything horrible. All of it. Goddam.


Reading bios before following is good because:
✨ you can learn really basic essentials for future interactions like pronouns
✨ find out important boundaries to prevent you from sticking your foot in it later (check pinned toots too!)
✨ learn their interests for an idea of what they might toot about
✨ website links to have a nosey at their art, projects, etc and potentially give support towards them
✨ discover the big red flags early
✨ it's just polite, really

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Me, letting my cat lick my hand as long as she wants: exfoliate me, captain

Mh shitpost? Idk 

Can you even have insomnia if time is fake?

lets go back to a bygone age where the only memes were demotivational posters

haveing anxiety is like: "you have a month to make that phone call" , hm thats a tight deadline

Hey Siri why the fuck the depression hit right when I try to go to sleep.


Hands down, this is the best mashup of midcentury furniture, cocktail culture, and robotic age styling. Alleged to have been inspired by the moon landing. Vintage bar by Borghesani, 1969. (Photos by an unknown 1stDibs seller and Kelly Wearstler)

Reasons to love planned Parenthood:

Our scheduling lady just went on a tangent with us about if Carole Baskins killed her husband after we booked our appointment


In light of Halle Berry, I am reminded of various awesome cisgender women who've played awesome men and it's been great and not transphobic at all, because the men they were playing were also cis.

If the character is trans, that's different.

Give trans actors trans roles, plz!

How do I know if my cat won the war against the giant mysterious beetle in my kitchen? Did she eat it? Can I justify rewarding her tomorrow morning even if she hasn't delivered it's head as confirmation of the safety of our apartment?

...yeah im still giving her treats


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