cw: transmisia and exorsexism at work 

well we're dealing with a ton of transmisia and exorsexism since we started on our new job this month.

they prohibited us from using nicola's pronouns and gender-neutral language. everyday nicola is misgendered. there are people saying and complaining about us trying to pull out some kind of "gender ideology" at work. it hurts nicola the most because they're the host, but some of us are trans and/or nonbinary people as well, so it sucks for the entire system.

but this is our first full-time job since 2017. we're unemployed and surviving only trough informal work until now, so we really need this opportunity to have some stability, but it's really draining us.

nicola, astraeus and pallas are really trying their best on dealing with people while keep nebirus on check. nebirus just want to metaphorically punch people.

I can't watch a Pixar movie without feeling sorry for the poor letter I that gets brutally stomped by the lamp

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