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Very Long Post; Intro list for our system 

also if anyone follows my tumblr they may have seen this post before, i posted it a while ago there got a few likes but no responses and this has been bugging me again so i figured i would try here and see if anyone has any suggestions.

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is there a word for gender and trans-ness being heavily influenced by multiplicity? because my gender and body don't exist outworld and i have dysphoria about that so i meet all technical definitions of being trans but i don't feel comfortable with the lable because i don't see the body as mine, and i'm only really affected now when i front solo, which is rare, and with us getting on hrt and the changes being well under way everyone elses dysphoria is down which makes dealing with mine much easier. especially when co-fronting as their comfort in the body bleeds over to me.

We're thinking of making a more detailed system list since having one helps us sort out things and remember individual needs (and given that we still forget about our latex allergy after having it for almost a decade, we need all the help we can get on that front). But no one is sure what the best format or site to use is.

Does anyone have any recommendations for sites to use, especially ones that are fully accessible on mobile devices since that is what we use the most?

came out as kind of multiple today at what was technically a trans social support thing but ended up being a bunch of close friends.

we've be having trouble with fronting lately, with all of us having issues remaining piloting at times. its happened before but it is frustrating so when promted about our week we gave a short run down using inside out as an explanation.
it went well and us using plural pronouns the rest of the session was accepted without question. it was very nice and has honestly helped our mental state quite a bit

Long Post, System uh? structure stuff 

hard talking to singlets about plural stuff bc people who aren't actively involved in the community tend to only know the words medical people call us so even with fairly basic terms like "plural" they have no idea what the fuck im talking about

syscourse, we regret our degree some days as knowing how wrong people are is infuriating 

if someone one system member interacts with starts interacting with another system member's blog and they are not aware you're system mates is that something you need to tell them? we are unsure what to do especially since ash is not out as a system member while i am

mental illness venting, swearing 

smile gets annoyed by syscourse round two

Hey everyone, this is a guide about plurality in the workplace for employers and people who work with systems, written by Irenes and FreyasSpirit! It was written as a general thing but I think at least one of them works for Google specifically and the guide was initially being used for that, but just now got published for the public. It's a really neat resource so check it out and spread it around if you want!

american crows plan, use tools, recognize humans and other crows, and can form interspecies friendships and partnerships. they like to play and goof around. along with only a few other species, they pass the mirror test - recognizing themselves in a mirror.

here's some crows playing in the snow:

and a video about tool use:

they're corvids, related to jays, magpies, ravens, and ... other types of crows like the fish crow.


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Since I front the most I've been using the bodies social media as my own, which works well enough. Sometimes its odd given the name difference but honestly I'm more comfortable overall with no match and its way to much work to move to new accounts or maintain more then we all having going already

hrt, trans stuff, asking for experiences 

re: syscourse, abuse mention, long 

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syscourse, abuse mention, long 

Hot take 

we though there was someone else in system, given we lost almost two hours at work today which no one can account for yet none of our coworkers though something was wrong which they would if we were just plain dissociating and no one was fronting i am even more inclined to think so.

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