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Very Long Post; Intro list for our system 

Pronouns are in order of preference, names are in order of who in the subsystem is most. The body is mid twenties, white, neurodivergent, physically disabled and chronically ill. We are all varying levels of nerdy and Harry Potter fans.

-they/them, it/its, fae/faer
-certified aro bi disaster TM
-non human; monsterish mermaid and common crow
-fronts the most
-giant nerd; into, space, Fallout, Dragon Age, Leverage

-it/its, they/them
-serves as the protector and is also the oldest
-fronts second most often
-very non human looking monster; lots of eyes and teeth; scales and feathers
-aromantic and not into humans
-enjoys horror media, dragon age, elder scrolls, and poetry

-he/him, they/them
-can't front
-gray aro and pan
-most extroverted of the group
-enjoys Mass Effect, Scifi media, baking

idea: sad/comforting hug emoji

🤗 / :ms_hug:​ feels inappropriately positive sometimes

also if anyone follows my tumblr they may have seen this post before, i posted it a while ago there got a few likes but no responses and this has been bugging me again so i figured i would try here and see if anyone has any suggestions.

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is there a word for gender and trans-ness being heavily influenced by multiplicity? because my gender and body don't exist outworld and i have dysphoria about that so i meet all technical definitions of being trans but i don't feel comfortable with the lable because i don't see the body as mine, and i'm only really affected now when i front solo, which is rare, and with us getting on hrt and the changes being well under way everyone elses dysphoria is down which makes dealing with mine much easier. especially when co-fronting as their comfort in the body bleeds over to me.

We're thinking of making a more detailed system list since having one helps us sort out things and remember individual needs (and given that we still forget about our latex allergy after having it for almost a decade, we need all the help we can get on that front). But no one is sure what the best format or site to use is.

Does anyone have any recommendations for sites to use, especially ones that are fully accessible on mobile devices since that is what we use the most?

came out as kind of multiple today at what was technically a trans social support thing but ended up being a bunch of close friends.

we've be having trouble with fronting lately, with all of us having issues remaining piloting at times. its happened before but it is frustrating so when promted about our week we gave a short run down using inside out as an explanation.
it went well and us using plural pronouns the rest of the session was accepted without question. it was very nice and has honestly helped our mental state quite a bit

Long Post, System uh? structure stuff 

We've been absent on here forever because we were working some things out.

The other member we thought was hanging out seems to be the original or at least goes by the bodies name and use she. She's mostly been poking around and figuring things out. She has access to all of the shared memories but according to her she hasn't been awake since primary school and only really fully woke up in the last few months.

At this point she's seems to be okay with the transitioning and has said she's not opposed to it continuing. We've all agreed to keep that open to discussion, it technically always has been but we figured we should reafirm that. She's not been to intrested in fronting yet, so I'm not sure if she'll show up on here but she's said she'd want a pseudonym if she did since her name is currently connected to offline things.

hard talking to singlets about plural stuff bc people who aren't actively involved in the community tend to only know the words medical people call us so even with fairly basic terms like "plural" they have no idea what the fuck im talking about

syscourse, we regret our degree some days as knowing how wrong people are is infuriating 

literally the only disorders in the dsm that specify trauma as the causal factor in the diagnostic criteria are ptsd and and acute stress disorder. that is it, did does not have trauma as a diagnostic factor.
also if the theory that did is caused by trauma disrupting the natural integration of self facets in childhood is true, to say did can never occur without trauma would then mean that the natural integration would be the only process in the brain that has problems naturally.
there is no other process in the brain that doesn't get fucked up at some point in someone. it doesn't fucking happen if it did then we wouldn't have the dsm.
do you know how long it is? does something that long really support the idea that a complicated and long process occuring during the most malleable time of brain development always and forever functions perfectly unless exposed to one specific factor?

if someone one system member interacts with starts interacting with another system member's blog and they are not aware you're system mates is that something you need to tell them? we are unsure what to do especially since ash is not out as a system member while i am

The queer word 

I'm a goddamn queer

mental illness venting, swearing 

We were doing well, so of fucking course its time for our piece of crap brain to turn the self sabotage dial up to 100.
And like we've stopped ourselves from most of the related behaviors, but that doesn't help with the fact that our depression and anxiety are worse then they have been since the last time we were suicidal, which is making this so hard.
We are in a therapy group; it's going well, we have job opportunities and current jobs we like. We have friends and people to talk to. So why the fuck can't we enjoy it. Why must we suffer for no reason. There is nothing wrong to cause this and it bullshit that we can't be happy for on god damn week without our own brain ruining it.

smile gets annoyed by syscourse round two 

"saying you have did without trauma is like saying you have ptsd without trauma"
first of all trauma is not in the diagnostic criteria for did, at least with the dsm, so no its not.

second pretty much all of the symptoms of ptsd show up in other disorders without trauma. trauma avoidance and re-experience symptoms are extremely similar if not the same as what you see in ocd around intrusive thoughts; much of the mood symptoms are seen in other disorders such as depression and bpd; hypervigilance and insomnia are characteristic of anxiety disorders; frequent nightmares disrupting sleep is its own disorder if it occurs outside of ptsd; ect.

so you could have all of the symptoms of ptsd without the trauma it would just be called something else. just like how you can be a system without trauma and its called endogenic to differentiate it from traumagenic systems.

Hey everyone, this is a guide about plurality in the workplace for employers and people who work with systems, written by Irenes and FreyasSpirit! It was written as a general thing but I think at least one of them works for Google specifically and the guide was initially being used for that, but just now got published for the public. It's a really neat resource so check it out and spread it around if you want!

american crows plan, use tools, recognize humans and other crows, and can form interspecies friendships and partnerships. they like to play and goof around. along with only a few other species, they pass the mirror test - recognizing themselves in a mirror.

here's some crows playing in the snow:

and a video about tool use:

they're corvids, related to jays, magpies, ravens, and ... other types of crows like the fish crow.


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Since I front the most I've been using the bodies social media as my own, which works well enough. Sometimes its odd given the name difference but honestly I'm more comfortable overall with no match and its way to much work to move to new accounts or maintain more then we all having going already

hrt, trans stuff, asking for experiences 

As we've been going through hrt its been becoming clearer that 1. We are all pretty darn pleased with the results and 2. the way the body is looking doesn't really resemble any of us individually.
However given that all of us have very differing appearances, most of which are very inhuman, and even our 'best case genetic lottery as a human' appearances don't really share much, if it did end up looking like one of us the others would probably get dysphoric.

We're not sure if its that we've ended up with a combo of all of our features or something else entirely, and honestly we're curious as to other systems experiences with transitioning and hrt.

re: syscourse, abuse mention, long 

*theoretically you could compare systems with no trauma history to trauma based ones to non systems with trauma and non systems without but brain imaging being what it is you need to know the areas you want to look at and we don't actually know exactly what brain architecture is involved in dissociation.
this makes it prohibitively difficult to do the above since for an accurate picture of the differences you would need to compare everything if you don't know the specific areas. which would be a ridiculous amount of work in a two way study with enough people for a decent effect size let alone a 4x4 design like above

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syscourse, abuse mention, long 

if you say that it's been scientifically proven that trauma causes multiplicity you either don't know what scientifically proven means or know of, and endorse, horrific abuse and presumably illegal experimentation.

to prove causation scientifically* entails an experiment with a control and test group and comparing the difference between the two.
in terms of sorting out causation of multiplicity that means purposely traumatizing a, fairly large if you want a decent effect size, group of children for years, in order to see if they end up plural. that is not only horrifically unethical and evil, there is no way to get that past an ethics board which means its never going to be done.

also science still can't agree if multiplicity is a real thing, so if you say that there is a fucking consensus on the cause you have no what you are talking about.

Hot take 

Talos is a divine and fuck the Thalmor

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