Most High Anti-Princess Anwyn Pendrake

@yeenbean Yeah, but no physically. More "omg a princess! 😍" type of explosion.

@anwynpendrake hmm

I'm a queen with the personality of a princess but I never get this treatment UwU

@yeenbean Oh, I don't know, seems to me a certain headmate of ours is practically willing to fawn over you. 😏

@yeenbean If it makes you feel better, they're blushing just as much in our headspace. Ya'll are adorable together. :trans_heart:

@yeenbean I'm the Most High Anti-Princess, and am quite powerful and stuff. uwu

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@anwynpendrake we have no clue what discordianism is, but Their Grace The Feathers has a nice ring to it--so if we could call ourselves that ... 🤔

@ofafeather Huh? No, everyone is a pope. Literally everyone. You just need to realize.

Would help if I initiated you, Your Grace the Feathers?

@anwynpendrake i mean, it says "every man, woman, and child" ... D:

@ofafeather It was written by playboy authors in the seventies and needs updating. :P

Lets update it. right now. No one can stop you if you declare yourself a pope. technicalities are very non-discordian and you wouldn't be the only pope without a gender.

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