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Its 4am which makes it the perfect time to tell me how cute I am as a Tyrannisaur

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Maybe we should just have a moratorium on jokes about entire fucking instances.

Every instance has their quirks, some of which can be quite funny, but there's so much inter-instance drama that is is actually quite reasonable to read such jokes as a threat.

Better to judge individuals, unless said individuals are admins and are doing fucked up shit.

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For the record, I share a ody and also memories with @alexpenclaw so if either one of us fucks up, we're both culpable, is how I see it.

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Guess who's back
back again
headmate's back
tell a friend

Heads up! We are moving to @systemroot

Alex has already transferred over their follows, and we're not actually sure if you can do it from multiple accounts? If it turns out we can't I'll probably be putting up a redirect on here.

Just fyi, @anwynpendrake , @baphomet and I are gonna be making a tandem account on a single-user self-hosted instance. This will give us more control over our fediverse experience and also let us play around with settings and learn more about what it means to run servers and junk.

People need to stop using terms like "cryptofash" long enough to learn what bad jacketing is.

asking about meta 

who did the thing this time?

Referring to a our plural system as a "consciousness network" 🤔

the #ASL word for "trans" is the same morpheme as "beautiful" but signed over your heart, where you'd sign self 😭

(image/caption: via carodoodles on birdsite: )

@anwynpendrake I liked the idea you came up with, though, where I can write you into the canon as a synth who "networks" with me to share memories.

2020-12-01: Today's #Maille: Four pairs of earrings, US$10 each, includes shipping in contiguous USA, all others please DM.

I'm a lot more comfortable with the form switching than alex is, for whatever reason. I think Alex wants a story about herself whereas I am cool just being me.

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Alex is making a synth for for herself as the "final step" in her "transformation canon" thingy, and I kinda want her to make one for me cause synths are awesome.

@anwynpendrake I'd just like to say that this isn't tto rag on anyone who has modded for us, you are all amazing. We just feel like defederation and blocking have become moral issues instead of issues of comfort and that fucks with our anxiety real bad,

Self hosting would allow us maximum control over our own experiences on here.

Hi my name is Juniper, but you can call me June :blobwolf:

We as a system may honestly need to consider going self-hosted on our yunohost server (which we were thinking of deleting). Its becoming very clear that we need space for ourselves where we feel like we can control our experiences.

Its honestly either that or pull back from fedi, we are having trouble with the constant infighting (which is everywhere but the way federation works seems to make it worse and support inter-instance infighting and drama.

Listen to black artists and give them your money on Friday. 

you can also check out this birdsite thread with cool indigenous creators and support them while getting good Content!

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please consider donating to the Navajo & Hopi relief fund. Native Americans have very few resources during the epidemic:

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