The collected works of Noam Chomsky, titled "Tome Chomsky"

spookieboys in movies always riding their horses in through the damn windows smh. do u know how much fucking labor went into making that stained glass you punk ass hotshot

hey if u only interact with my horny posts the chance of me wanting to talk to you drops to 0% just fyi

Political Terms Meta. 

I think I'm gonna say Land instead of private property.

Factories and farms instead of means of production.

And ideas and Culture instead of intellectual property.

Its like how you teach kids in schools by giving them something close to the truth and then when they ask give them the nuance I guess?

Kids are good at learning. I think we can too.

And besides i think these terms are seriously here to be used by capitalist to make what they seem sound scientific and reasonable.

@myconidiosyncrasy not a day goes by without me thinking about the fact that they made that acid effect in the Alien movies using styrofoam and nail polish remover

Be it known that my first decree as Most High Anti-Princess is that it is totally fine to be a pope and not identify with the "man, woman, or child" definition laid down by the original authors of discordianism.

All the world is pure chaos. Gender need not remain static and binary.

You are what you eat works more than for food.

You are the media and narratives you consume too. :X

You are not immune to propaganda. I'm not immune to propaganda.

If you think you are immune to propaganda, you are likely being poisoned by abusive propaganda. :/

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Rel, Discordianism 

Making my official conversion to discordianism. I need a good pope name. 🤔

I'm so sorry ma'am, your boyfriend is a bratty yeemn

There is no cure

It is the day after hyena day and as is tradition all dragons must find a purple yeen with curly hair and give them pets

Wow, good luck finding one of those 👀💦

"In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Things go on as they always have, getting weirder all the time." -Principia Discordia, making more sense while attempting not to make sense than anything that has ever attempted to make sense.

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