luv™ looking at generic plural shit on the internet and getting a face full of Surprise Gatekeeping


on gatekeeping and trauma 

even if it were true that absolutely 100% of the time plurality requires trauma and if you think you don't have any you're just burying that (which, for the record, it isn't true)
locking people out of communities on that basis is an implicit command to go and dig it up, which, spoilers!!! tends to be supremely destructive when done without just an absolute shitton of preparation and support (resources which they might be able to find in a community of people with similar experiences if you weren't blocking the door!)

on gatekeeping and trauma 

@anonny125 River: I don't understand the point of that honestly. Like say worst case scenario and someone is "faking it" in bad faith- like, how does that effect you at all?

I don't understand why people feel the need to gatekeep, especially this very niche thing.

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