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mkay so. been procrastinating on this but. member intros. how this is gonna work is this post is gonna be kind of a central point and everyone is gonna be a reply to it (bc if it was a thread and one post needed to be changed deleting it would mess with the whole chain). so, click here i guess?

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tech griping, long 

Gotta love when an update to an essential app ends up breaking it so hard that it literally becomes a health hazard.


So we used an app called Daywise which took all non-essential notifications, bundled them into an inbox, and only updated that inbox at pre-set times of the day. It was a massive help for our mental health to not have our phone incessantly pinging when the notification wasn't something that required immediate attention.

And now it requires us to sign in to an account in order to function. Our phone runs LineageOS, an open-source Android-like operating system with all the Google stuff ripped out. I presume this update checks our Google Play account to make sure we're subscribed, since the app now seems to say that we're on a free trial.

Of course, not having any Google stuff installed (on purpose, don't @ us) causes this check to fail immediately, but it keeps trying to load the sign-in page, which brings up a dark overlay for a split second as it tries to load. The net result is a strobe effect as it retries and fails. It's a really good thing we're not epileptic.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, now we can't get out of the app. We use the gesture-based navigation, rather than a button. I suspect the attempt to open a sign-in page ends up cancelling out any gestures in progress. And since it's trying and failing several times a second, it ends up completely locking me out of quitting the app, despite the fact it's unable to do anything. The only reason I was able to escape was because I was still able to go into my notifications shade and click the NewPipe notification to go to the background player.

I realize that LineageOS isn't supported, and that I should expect this sort of thing. But the app worked perfectly until we updated, and now it hijacks the phone into a potentially seizure-inducing state that it refuses to let you out of.

All because the app decided to switch to a subscription model. For something that, let's be honest, should be an accessibility feature anyway.

Fuck big tech, fuck Google, and fuck the developers.


(Also, we'd upload a screen recording demonstrating the issue, but is saying it doesn't support the resolution our phone records at. We have proof, we'd be happy to share a link to our Nextcloud over DM if asked.)

multitober - race, ethnicity, language 

our body is white as shit. sometimes people ask us what kind of white but a) our family has lived in the us for long enough that wherever we were from originally has stopped super mattering and also b) my mom like genealogy and has found that we come from very many places if you go back far enough
chara is the only one of us who is human, and they are also white af. kitty is a catgirl with dark skin but is not "from" any particular place.
english is the only language we speak, but there's a fair few that we would be interested in learning! unfortunately adhd makes sticking with it long enough for it to actually take Rather Difficult :/

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Tired: non-binary as an individual choice
Wired: non-binary as a consensus position of your system

multitober - disabilities and disorders 

oh boy howdy have we got some of those! we've got autism and adhd, and anxiety and probably depression, and also just for good measure we're hypermobile? the joints doctor specifically said it is not eds but i don't really understand why since we do also have stuff like the soft stretchy skin, it might just be bc we couldn't touch our palms to the floor with our knees locked but we also have disproportionately long legs so if so that is a very silly test!
we're not quite sure if we have ocpd and/or stpd or if our other shit just interacts in a way that provides a reasonable facsimile, but chara deffo for sure has bpd. we've also determined that kitty is the "most" autistic of us, as far as such a thing could be said to exist, but those two are as far as we've gone in linking specific shit to specific people.
our plurality itself is not disordered! being a disorder requires that it is an impairment, which ours is not. (someone says "come at me bro" but the rest of us think that's terrible)

roles but instead of us it's about homestuck 

roles in plurality usually means something along the lines of a specific job, but in homestuck each player has a "mythological role" (also called a classpect, which is a word that i hate, or just a title) that more describes skills and behavioral patterns. there's certainly overlap, as people are more likely to take on a job that feels natural than one that they hate, but this idea could still be useful to keep in mind as it's less prescriptive and more open-ended

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multitober - roles 

we don't exactly have defined explicit "roles" in this system, but as was discussed in earlier posts we do each have our own skills we bring to the table, and these skills are likely why each of us is Here.
root has been discussed: when things need doing, they will do it (and we direly need to stop forgetting that asking them for this service is an option bc the rest of us are *terrible* at that).
kitty is an absolute ray of sunshine. when someone is feeling down, she will do whatever it takes to cheer them up. in high school a thing started up where when we have an anxious thought spiral we unconsciously meow with our physical mouth and the surprise jolts us out of it and we're pretty sure that's her doing? it makes sense at least.
chara, when they're not being unreasonably hard on themself, has an absolutely *massive* ego. this sounds like an insult but when your brain decides to be having Ghost Thoughts or some shit like that it's incredibly useful to have someone around who can say "yeah whatever, ive killed bigger" and absolutely mean it

multitober - switching 

it's hard to tell when we switch unintentionally bc of how blurry we are always but sometimes when we're struggling with a thing we remember that someone is real good at it (usually the thing we are struggling with is basic body maintenance and the person is root) we can be like "hey can you come take care of this please" and suddenly it's no longer an issue

multitober - coming out 

we've thought about it, our family is friends with/one of them i think is dating other plural folk and have treated them with just oodles of respect so it's not like it's risky or anything it's just

that median feel when "whose kintype is this. does this belong to someone or is it a new person"

multitober - gender 

(because it's technically after midnight here!)
i don't think any of us is 100% a binary gender? it's hard to say if that's truly their/our own or if people's feelings are getting blended together but on some level who cares.
i think the ratio of girls-ish to boys-ish works out to about half and half, but on average the girls feel stronger about it than the boys (and chara, while not leaning strongly towards girl, is strongly opposed to being boy) so as a whole we tend to lean femwards.
chara is specifically transfem and *super pissed* about still getting dysphoria in a dfab body which, understandable

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multitober - sexuality 

as a whole we like girls but the only person we can identify as being not aroace is sans who likes boys. what's up with that
(nothing else to say on that matter i guess. feels weird for this post to be so short)

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multitober - religion 

our religion isn't particularly affected by our plurality i don't think! as a whole, we're basically agnostic with some pop culture pagan leanings, but our primary affiliation as far as such a thing exists is to the daedric lords from the elder scrolls which is not even a source any of us have kins from.
one time ht suggested doing the fossil pantheon from twitch plays pokemon as like an actual thing, but im pretty sure that was a joke? at least mostly?
also at some point i think we were talking about doing the undertale humans/souls as a pantheon but being deified made chara real uncomfortable and it just wouldn't be right to exclude them so that idea was dropped

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-sleeps for twelve hours- I'm so fucking tired

multitober - splitting 

this is a concept that's real specific to like one particular model of plurality that not every system operates under and probably shouldn't have been included in a general-audience prompt set, but ok ill bite
it's real hard for us to be aware of who appeared when, due to our lack of awareness for the majority of our life as well as our general blurriness. however, sans showed up shortly after we first noticed Childhood Trauma, and he's probably not the only one who showed up in response to stimulus. chara feels connected to a specific event that happened when we were around their age, and niko and silver fill common roles and could plausibly be connected to the actual event whose recall brought sans (i also theorize a potential additional person who we don't currently have awareness of but might have more detailed memories of the event itself, bc that is a thing that seems to happen a lot in these sorts of situations).
nobody else has a defined origin point that we can guess at, but root sort of conceptualizes executive function and could be adaptive towards living as an autistic person in a similar way that the others are adaptive towards coping with trauma, and our spiritual conceptualization of our shared origins would imply that ht was the first or second person to exist, and all or all but one of us spawned from them.
(would like to make clear that this spawning was not a process of "dividing into pieces" the way the term "splitting" suggests, but rather one of "allowing components to come to the surface", kinda like a swiss army knife)

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❤️ heck yeah, we're coding! a vital skill to have as a transfem
"uh, that's not a thing we are?"
❤️ pft. maybe y'all ain't

thinking too deeply about homestuck mechanics 

actually some of these concerns aren't even unique to a multiplicity situation? like, for example - what would've happened if dave and his bro both managed to install their copies of the game without birds and sylladex shenanigans getting in the way? actually, they live in an apartment, what if one of their presumably extant neighbors also wanted to play? 🤔

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thinking too deeply about homestuck mechanics 

we can presume based on what we've seen of calliope and caliborn's situation that sburb treats each member of a plurality as their own player, but given the physical nature of the game i really wanna see how that would actually play out under more ordinary circumstances

multitober - appearance 

uhh i dont think weve ever really "seen" eachother so idk lol. its probably a safe assumption that the fictional folks look like themselves, and i dont think monitor actually has a "physical" form at all? but i feel like root does and we just Dont Know

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