we uh, kind of forget about being plural or something
what could be happening when it's like the memory of what just happened suddenly comes back and apparently had been forgotten?
How do we tell who's who and who does what? It's quite disturbing for us that we don't feel as separate as we prefer to be. :boost_ok:

the best thing about being plural is when your headmates give you a hug

like, it's like a real hug, you can feel it physically, but you can do it without having to physically find a human being to do it


~ if w is double "u" that means uwu is just uuuu

Thoughts on 'growing up', capitalism 

Honestly, 'growing up' is such a bullshit idea on so many levels and we shouldn't have to ever. All I got out of it ever was having more expected of me with less and less help and understanding.

The expectations of reaching certain milestones at certain ages, having to prove your worth in an academic or economic sense are just messed up and I'm just totally sick of it and fed up.

Why should we have to do any of this bullshit when it doesn't grant us any joy or other advantages?

So yeah, I'm over 'growing up'. I'm going to be a child now in the best sense possible and all y'all should be able to too.

~ found a relatable meme among old screenshots, it's kind of sad-ish?


capitalism is when you write all uppercase
~oh there's actually discourse going on somewhere nearby... whatever i guess

experience as a new headmate 

~ was a bit surprised that all knowledge, all memories... would just be there, no need to search for things or ask someone else about things. not sure what i expected though.
so anyway how are you fellow mentally well folks doing?

Hey, I urgently need to move to #berlin, and my flat arrangement just fell through, so I'm looking for a room. Ideally:

- lease at least until July
- with Anmeldung
- near Görlitzer Park (Kreuzberg)
- with lovely people

But I literally need to move in within 10 days, so I'll take anything. LMK if you/someone you know is looking for a mostly quiet, mostly clean, mostly vegan flatmate.

~ found a relatable meme among old screenshots, it's kind of sad-ish?
~good to be two present at once, it feels less lonely with some company!
a: :ms_purple_heart:
~good [not verified] morning [note: is it still morning?]


~memory goes wheee, totally good and normal
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a: hey, i haven't been very present until now, but while i'm here i decide to say hello
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