i’m either draco or jay but either way music is hard but fun but playing at 100+ bpm is Not Fun™️

i got my fastest time on the mile! finally back in the 12 min range. it’s not as fast as my teachers want, but still better lol

we might be DMing a D&D campaign with some of our friends! we’ve only played two (unfinished) campaigns, but none of our friends have played so we’re probably the best option lol
✨research✨ also we’re getting phone numbers of ppl we’re trying to be friends with which is smth we’ve never been able to do,, just asking someone for their number yk! and now one of our friends might introduce us to this one rlly gay looking kid who we have no classes with!! improvements!!

bad mental health 

why did we plan a “productive weekend” during our mental health break?? we didn’t get anything done and we’re still hanging on by a thread lol
oh shit we have a test-
failure here we come /j

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