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Sark: Either someone in the headspace is constantly thinking about soup all day or I'm really hungry. Every 5 minutes, the brain is just like "soup,,, soup soup soup".

stop saying "my kid could paint that," and start saying "my kid *will* paint that!" the time is now to introduce your child to the lucrative world of art forgery

This platform is very confusing but at least it has nice emotes :ms_awoo:

you know what, because pride month

If you trust me with your address, aren't cishet, and want a blåhaj, hit me up

I could probably do 10 of them this month


school while neurodivergent/disabled is just a neverending loop of "after this week i can rest, after this week i'll have free time, after this week-"

Political (Ableism and Leftist Spaces) 

The revolution and the world built afterwards NEEDS to be Disabled friendly and Neurodivergent friendly, and while we've luckily managed to avoid seeing anything on Mastodon that's directly ableist on the left, we can't say the same for most leftist spaces, and this needs to change.

It's not just the elimination of slurs like the r-word. It's gaining an understanding of sysmedicalism and how saying plurals can only be formed from trauma, ironically, causes trauma for non-trauma systems.

It's learning how to make your environment more accessible wheelchair-users but it's also learning how to balance conflicting access needs for Autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder. It's learning how compliance-based torture like Applied Behavioral Analysis clothes itself as "therapy" and sells itself to the general public, and stopping that in It's tracks.

It's communities trying to figure out and learn how we're going to handle medications people need after our current system collapses. It's developing a deep understanding that social workers, psychological, and psychiatry units and practices are NOT a viable alternative to the cops — that they often perpetuate the same bigotry as cops, and work in tandem with them. It's communities finding a solution to that so we don't have to worry about weather someone will be killed via institutionalization.

We, despite having hope, don't see anyone talking about these things, besides other Disabled and Neurodivergent people, and that really needs to change.

(Feel free to add to this — boosts welcome as well, we want as many people to see this as possible.)

mh(+), intrasystem dialog, humor? 

Body thought: "I really I wish I wasn't so depressed"
Keitarou: "why are you so depressed? you're an adult you can buy as many eggs as you want!"
Akihiko: "Keitarou, that … that doesn't make any sense?"

feels like a hot take, but really shouldn't be; :boost_ok: 

For the love of whatever diety you choose to worship, PLEASE treat workers with respect. McDonald's, grocery store, shop in the mall, whatever.

Chances are they make minimum wage, which typically isn't even enough to live above the poverty line. They do /NOT/ have time for your bullshit on top of that.

I don't care if you've had a stressful day, or if you're a single parent, or if you work two jobs to make ends meet, or if they messed up your order, or all of the above. /NONE/ of that gives you the right to ruin someone else's day.

Remember: Wage Slaves are people too.

being a system as pride month approaches is just being able to collect every flag and let gatekeeping singlets be mad and confused as you laugh in your rainbow of rainbows

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