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I just discovered that exists

(There are many good reasons to find this useful! But #macro or #micro enthusiasts might be especially interested.)

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I'm not sure how to process tonight. The expected 30cm of snow is down to rain (at present, later ice) and snow beginning at 3am to total maybe 8cm. Work has been extremely slow as a result. It's nice to have somewhat of a day to relax but I'd still rather actually have it off.

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I'm beginning to feel the effects of working for essentially three months straight, mostly getting tired a lot sooner. I'm just under an hour into my shift and I'm definitely feeling the fatigue today

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Today has been unusual mentally for us so we're going to read and then get some sleep. Good night, friends.

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Our cat just gave us licks on the nose! ^^

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hi please cw your politics

please don't boost un-cw'd politics

many instances don't explicitly have rules forcing you to, of course, but it shouldn't have to come to that if people you care about are asking nicely

please care about your friends

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