Let it be known that @Azure has a wonderful icon right now

🇨🇵, sillypost 



Yari: Chocoborus is sleepy today, but having an overall satisfactory day

Yari: Also by @wizlicos we have Yari as an avali taur flying! I'm kinda liking these forms! They're really fun to try and see how they all feel.

multifur chocobo 

Yari: Oh hey we haven't posted in a bit. Here's some new art we got that was drawn by @wizlicos! It's the Yaris but as a chocobo! We think this is some pretty good wark, er, work! Would this make us a chocoborus?

Viv: local shark does zoomies in the f1 video game and enjoys herself


Sleep schedule? Bah, I thought you said sheep schedule. Now what am I going to do with all this wool?

wordplay, beverage mention 

What's a crow's favorite beverage?

Windows: "Préparation de la réparation automatique"
Ah yes here we go again because every time a steam game doesn't start this happens on the following boot after the computer fails to reach the bios screen twice. Then it's fine for about a few weeks then repeat

pluralposting, macro but silly 

Viv: Listen, I can be a macro sharktaur and clog up a canal any time I want!

sillypost, nothing 

No no, the technical term is "standy uppy bit"

multifur, unusual 

Merkitsune (merfolk kitsune)

multifur, silly 

Yaris: The best part about having three heads is being able to watch three different things each on their own monitors! Sound can be tricky though.

multifur, sillypost 

Yaris: It feels really great to be a sergalfish today. Three out of three Yari heads agree!

Multifur, merfolk sergal, micro 

Art by Licos: licographics.com/

Here we have the Yaris enjoying a little microscopic swim amongst some plankton! Look at the little sergs go!

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