I'm girl today and that's perfectly okay!

Signalboosting a friend, request for help :boost_ok:​ 

"I dont like making these posts but I just got out of a situation with a pretty abusive ex, in the past few ive been pretty fucked and living off £5 for a couple weeks. If anyone wants to help me out so I can get on my feet again gonna drop this, anything helps:"


Yari: Since it's 30 degrees out here please do remember to check on your melty friends to see if they need cooled or a bucket as their needs require!

multifur, silly art idea 

Three headed Yari driving a formula 1 car. The center head drives while the left and right heads act as spotters.

sillypost, wordplay 

Taur de France

sillypost, taurs 

"This is NPTaur news in Washington"

multi musing, vr 

Of course, afterwords, this got Yari thinking about how their default form would even be possible in a vr setting. A sergal taur with three heads and a very long tail isn't exactly the easiest thing to set up. Plus, I wonder how you would translate the movement of the vr headset from one head to three on the model. Not to mention getting the taur locomotion to play nice.

And now we're thinking about a taurtrain as a one off.

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We're happy with Ourself. We managed to get our avatar to blink in vrchat when it didn't have a functional blink before. For someone who knows almost nothing about unity, We're happy with being able to tinker with something.

video games, mixed 

Perhaps it's time We take a little break from what We've been playing and withdraw from the mostly informal competition We're a part of. We're not really having fun anymore and We're at least going to sit this week's competition out to maybe take a bit of a breather. We're usually low mid-pack to bottom of the table anyway, which isn't too bad for how little We've played. We're up against semi-pros anyway so the fact that We can even set times within 107% of the leader usually (this week being an exception) is something to be happy about.

A dragon friend fell asleep on a group voice call, so we as a group all did the most reasonable thing of posting cute dragons in the voice text chat for when they wake up :3


Amethyst: I am a dragon! :dragnuwu:
I may also have convinced another headmate to give being a dragon a try. Dragons are good. :>

Today has been a surprisingly wonderful day despite the cats waking me up an hour before my alarm and keeping me awake

sms app request :boost_ok:​ 

Is there any way on android to allow sms notifications for people in my contact list but anyone who isn't that sends me an sms gets silently filtered to a second tab?

sillypost, but also a mood, gender 

Gender: no

re: twitch stream 

Due to technical difficulties, I won't be able to race unfortunately. but there will be other chances!

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twitch stream 

Going to be streaming on at the top of the hour for an f1 league race.

icon change 

We changed our icon from an image of Vyzie to something more of our system icon. We're going to see how this feels.

random thought 

Unionised computers

mh (positive) 

Yari: it felt really good to be among some friends tonight

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