Currently explaining the concept of time to my cat who does not want me to leave for work

I really should make tea more often

Apparently, if I enable swiping on mobile I'm able to access all of my timelines. However, only via swiping not the top buttons

Hmm. For some reason I can't access my home timeline on mobile.

Macro, bigger than teramacro 

Thanks to a friend, I've been on a big "hyakkei" and "fox capture plan" kick lately. I have to say, these artists are right up my alley for music. 🎶​💜​

I'm getting back into reading at night and I'm certainly enjoying reading star trek until my eyes are too heavy to keep open.

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my commissions, fourth wall break, macro 

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Someone just redeemed a THIRTY SIX year old coupon at my store 😯

Multifur, plural 

We gave the neighbor dog a large stick that we found in our yard and now he's very happy. He was happy to see us anyway but then he got very excited when we gave him the stick.

It feels very good to be off of work today! Finally, a day to just do whatever and enjoy it as we see fit.

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Also went and gave some color to the little doodle @roxy did last night, aaaa ;3;

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Retail, silly 

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