Yari: Spending the morning commute with the chocobo tune in our heads. Kweh!

Twitch stream, charity 

Hey so a friend of mine is raising money for st jude if you want to stop by and say hello! twitch.tv/klandiro


Instead of hyenas it was dragons

At some point that is not tonight, I will look into setting up avatars for vseeface for when I do stream. Need to learn how to get those to do blinking and expressions.

Yaris: We're avalis! Well, three avalis in one technically.

Maybe thinking of streaming tomorrow, we'll see.

Quadrupeds in vr chat that have the head view where the head actually is when please

sillypost, wordplay 

Dear diary,
Yesterday i became a sentient stop sign. It was quite riveting.

Let it be known that @Azure has a wonderful icon right now

🇨🇵, sillypost 



Yari: Chocoborus is sleepy today, but having an overall satisfactory day

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