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De: Verwendete Abkürzungen:
CN: Themenhinweis
TW: Triggerwarnung
Dl: Dialog
El: Einleitungstext
At: Ausgabentitel
Ironie wird gekennzeichnet.

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De: Hier werden außer Phil hauptsächlich Julian, Sascha, Jerome schreiben.
Trägt ein Beitrag kein Kürzel, ist er wahrscheinlich von Phil.

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En:Used abbreviations:
CN: Content note
TW: Trigger warning
Dl: Dialoge
El: Introduction text
At: Episode title
Ironic messages will be marked.

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En: Besides Phil, messages will be written mostly by Julian, Sascha, Jerome.
Messages without abbreviation are most likey written by Phil.


in the last weeks Ju bought so much letter paper, now he definitely doesn't have to worry to run out of it for months :-). He is very glad, because he likes writing letters to good friends as I do. Sascha likes it, too, but N33, for example, prefers speaking to people in person.

We are sure that other systems have different opinions internally on this, too. As well as writing letters is not that common as it was in previous decades. Do you still write letters? And who of you likes it the most?



this week has been a lot better than last week.

We hope you all will have a nice and relaxed weekend.

Am curious when we will have time and energy to comment here more reguarly.


Heeeeey, you all!

Very good news! There are newly produced tapes (production date 2021) we bought in a shop today. Photos will follow.

We never thought this would happen. And are very glad!

If we can try them in August? Who knows, will then do some test recordings.

Do you have tapes in your collection you bought recently, too? /Julian

Hey dear Café-goers,

we hope youll have had a great week and will have a relaxed weekend.


Yesterday, when we were shopping, someone played the main theme of 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater', a game I played years ago, in headspace. That was very funny and added a cool atmosphere to looking for the things I want to buy.


General exploration 

Hey. We discovered today, that it is not so quite here in comparison to twitter, than we thought. Ju clicked on the menu points Plural Café and found a lot of toots to our surprise, and then on Federated, and found even more.

Now he is turned red and doesn't know what do feel.

Well, we keep on getting experience with social media, and so for us (Phil, Sascha, Pichan, N33) it's ok to know you've overseen a lot of things by not knowing they are there.

Am curious how our final balance will be (between Twitter and Mastodon).

Have a nice weekend


CN Childrens music, great artists, good albums 

Here is another great album we remembered today via a tape copy:
Fredrik Vahle - Anne Kaffeekanne.
It is full of great, happy tunes and funny lyrics - in song one, 'Das Lied vom Wecken' (have found it unfortunately only on youtube, for example Fredrik wants to buy something that helps his friend wake up in the morning - for example a chicken, a alarm clock, a radio - with all the characteristical sounds - but forgets to take money with him and so have to do the sounds all by himself in the last verse.

CN Mood

'Beautiful' friday.

It's raining for an hour already, and we want to go to the bus station in ten minutes. Ju is in very good mood, having an earworm. But the others are a bit grumpy because of the rain and the gray sky.

I hope you all will have a nice day.


En: Today on our way down we were discussing if we should go for a walk or by bike. But then Sascha pointed out that we got by bus to work, so the decision was not there, we could only go for a walk :D.

General good mood 


I feel that we are full of energy and good mood at the moment.

This should not be taken for granted, so it is fantastic.

And I hope you feel so, too. Wish you all a good weekend. And I would be very glad if there would me more interaction here, but we still are finding our way 🙂.


De: CN

Aufgrund einer EU-Richtlinie werden ab dem 2. August 2021 Fingerabdrücke in neuen Personalausweisen gespeichert. Das halte ich aus mehreren Gründen für bedenklich:
1. sind Fingerabdrücke nach derzeitigem Kenntnisstand einzigartig und bleiben ein Leben lang gleich. Für die Verbrechensbekämpfung mag das hilfreich sein. Allerdings sollte man dann trotzdem keine Datenbank mit den Abdrücken potentiell aller Ausweistragenden aufbauen. Denn diese ist für Personen mit wenig Skrupel ein sehr attraktives Ziel (unter anderem aus den oben genannten Gründen). Und die Bundesregierung bewies leider mehrfach, dass sie digitale Vorhaben nicht gut umsetzen kann. Diese sensiblen Daten zuverlässig zu schützen, wäre unbedingt notwendig.
Denn Fingerabdrücke kann man eben nicht wie Passwörter wechseln, die durch Datenlecks bekannt werden. Allein deswegen käme ich nie auf die Idee, damit eine Datenbank aufzubauen.
2. führen zentrale Datenbanken mitunter dazu, dass Daten miteinander verknüpft werden, die einzeln unproblematisch, zusammen aber sehr riskant sind.

Mit großer Verärgerung mussten wir feststellen, dass unser nächstes Jahr abläuft. Wir hoffen sehr, dass diese Pflichtangabe dann nicht mehr besteht. Eine solche Datenbank wäre hochriskant, und sehr wahrscheinlich ein Ziel für Datensammler aller Art, die aufgrund der 'Attraktivität' auch mit hohem Aufwand vorgehen würden.

Dass von einem Datenleck dann vermutlich alle gleichermaßen betroffen wären, mag für N33 und Sascha ein Trost sein. Es macht es trotzdem nicht besser.


Potentiell betrifft dieses Thema ja alle. Da ich aber weiß, dass Datenschutz in der breiten Öffentlichkeit eher wenig Beachtung findet, bitte ich die Lesenden, auch andere auf diese Problematik hinzuweisen. Man wird wahrscheinlich keine Möglichkeit haben, keine Fingerabdrücke abzugeben. Trotzdem sollte das Thema im Bewusstsein sein. Seinen Körper kann man nicht auswechseln.

Leseempfehlungen hierzu:
Zur Speicherpflicht:

Zum Risiko, wenn biometrische Daten hinterlegt werden: verbraucherzentrale-niedersach

Und ein bemerkenswerter Artikel zur Entsperrung per Fingerabdruck:

Today we had a very interesting experience:

Usually, we browse through Twitter and Mastodon once a day and look out for new interesting messages to answer, people to follow or contact and so on. And it is usually only one or two alters that do this (mostly Ju is fronting). And today, there was a great discussion about who to contact, why not and what to write on which message. Something I never experienced in the last months, and it felt amazing. Usually, Ju wants to write to everyone and is hard to stop, but today he said why he wished to contact and then we discussed that and vice versa (Sascha and me were there, too).

Good morning, you all.

I can tell that now we know our password by heart, but I won't tell, of course. This is great.

I hope you all will have a nice weekend, the weather is a bit cloudy, but fantastic otherwise.


En: Hey you all,

we've got a public bookcase (if unknown, read more here: in two cities we visit regulary. And because Ju has the desire to learn as much as he can, we almost never come home without one or two new books in our Backpack. So far, so good.

But now, it has come to an staple of 17 books we carried home within we guess three weeks. Most of them still unread. It is very funny to follow Jus thoughts about this every time we pass the public bookcases again.

Do you know this, too?


En: Hey, you all!

Ju had the idea to post things irregulary here that help us organize day and night. Maybe they work with others too, he said, and is surely right ^^.

Here is the first, not only meant for people with and :

Sometimes you want to do something, but then forget about it. To avoid this, we've got a 'shelf'-system. Everything still open/undone will be placed there. Letters from friends, unpaid bills... added are notes. 'Phone friend NN at Thursday, 8 pm'. As you might guess, especially Ju takes sheets of paper and writes on them who to follow later on Mastodon or Twitter, too. And who to write because of which subject or to answer whose question. Social media is, in our experience, very fast, you see and read a lot, and so this really helps him. Especially because he is sad when he forgot writing to someone.

If something is done, it will be layed in the 'Out-tray'. Or on follow up, if it can't be done this week.

Our experiences with this are great.

If you are struggeling with amnesia, this could help.

Astrid, Sascha, Phil.

General question regarding alters 

Hey, dear Café-goers,

in my system it is interesting to watch who listens to what style of music.

NN and N33 prefer Jazz and classical Music, Sascha rockmusic, and Julian listens to pop and charts music (but detests most of it). I always listened to Jazz when I was 'speechless' or needed to relax. So maybe it is that they keep this calm music style because it fits their work (protectors, we guess).
Sascha is more confrontational and provocative.
And Julian is very fast, and full of energy. So this seems to match their musical favorite styles. This is very personal, but ... do you see this in your system internally, too?

CN 'Fiese' Tierversuche 

De: CN 'Fiese' Tierversuche

Heute haben wir eine Wildmics-Special-Folge zum Thema Vererbung gehört (Siehe Bei etwa 1:36:00 wird über Versuche mit Labormäusen geredet, und die unterschiedliche Bedeutung des deutschen Worts Stress und dem englischen 'to stress'. Es ist eher eine Art Belastung. Vor Julians innerem Auge (warum ist das eigentlich immer nur eines?) erschien dann eine Maus in einem Versuchsaufbau, die jeden Tag sehr viel Futter essen muss. Als sie wieder mal eine neue Portion Futter bekommt, denkt sie sich 'Oh je, schon wieder so viel zu futtern. Wann soll ich das nur alles schaffen? Was soll das überhaupt? Also einen Humor haben manche Leute'. Daraufhin bekam Sascha einen Lachanfall, und wir mussten die Folge erstmal pausieren.

Ordered a lot of different postcard sets yesterday.

Julian chose most of them and is very excited.

Take a guess at what he will do in the following weeks :D

I like to see him happy like this.


En: Hey, just wanted to tell you something:

As you may have noticed, Julian is one of my alters that looks for new friends the most and most often. And as we are on twitter, too, he discovered the hashtag Pluralgang. And thought 'Hey, great, lots of friendly systems to meet and write with, I will read all of the messages with this ht'. Later, Sascha found out that he would have a lot to read and write with a lot of accounts, if he did this. There are like 30 tweets per day, and it started in January 2019. So happy reading, Ju, and don't forget your notebook, Sascha said (meant in a friendly way, of course).


I've got a question regarding other systems: Julian is a very communicative, friendly and kind 12-year-old-alter, who likes to make new friends. But: Neither Phil nor we have unlimited time, to write with everyone that he finds interesting. How do other systems handle this?

Please note: Message is publicly visible, answers as well.


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